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Pan Swee Cafe in Medan Selera Maharani, Muar 方水茶室

Bloggie friend Tiffany's aunt brought us to Pan Swee Cafe in Medan Selera Maharani in Muar 方水茶室 for her favourite, must have morning coffee.


Medan Selera Maharani is a typical small town food centre and market place. Lots of people, laid back, relaxed, warm and friendly. 

Video credit: Yuki

People gather here for the good food and coffee. The friendly gentleman on the right said that "if you did not come here to drink coffee, you have not been to Muar".

At Medan Selera Maharani, it's Pan Swee Cafe's Nanyang kopi (Malaysia/ Singapore style old school coffee which is made with by roasting locally grown Robusta beans, corn, sugar and margarine). 

Corn is used as a cheap filler, sugar to mask the bitterness of Robusta and margarine to smooth out the harshness of the beans. Nanyang kopi is a comforting beverage from leaner and harder times which we still love today. 


The old kopi sock way of making coffee may seem simple but control of temperature, flow of hot water, and timing makes a lot of difference between cups of coffee.


See how thick that black coffee was when it passed through that sock?

Lim kopi (drinking coffee) is a very communal kind of activity and it doesn't have to be all coffee.


On this tray there is kopi O (coffee with sugar), kopi O kaw (coffee with less water), kopi C kosong (coffee with evaporated milk and no sugar), and Milo sio (hot Milo).


My kopi C kosong. My usual order of Nanyang style kopi.

I am more into specialty coffee nowadays, but ahhh...... a good Nanyang coffee is still sooo....... heartwarming and satisfying.

Pan Swee's kopi C kosong is round bodied, has a carmelly aroma, slightly savoury, it's bitterness smoothed and sweetened by the milk.


Yuki savouring her kopi O. Yuki is a kopi addict fan who must have her cuppa to start her day.

Is Pan Swee's kopi good enough for Yuki?


I think so. 

She couldn't have enough of it, so she bought 1 kilo of ground coffee to drink at home.


Pan Swee Cafe 方水茶室 in Medan Selera Maharani, an old food centre and market in Muar.


Medan Selera Maharani is just across the road from Streetview Hotel along Jalan Ali.

Thank you Tiffany and family for your gracious hospitality.

Restaurant name: Pan Swee Cafe (inside Medan Selera Maharani)
Address: Jalan Ali, Muar Town, Johor (across the road from Streetview Hotel)
GPS: 2.047066,102.569510
Hours: Breakfast
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 24 Aug 2014

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