Thursday, 28 January 2016

JJ Mee Rebus in Johor Jaya Bakawali JK1383


Ms Nur, a Johor Kaki reader alerted me to JJ Mee Rebus and suggested that I visit this old stall at Johor Jaya, Jalan Bakawali 76. Thank you Ms Nur for your suggestion :-D


JJ Mee Rebus is a stall located in a row of warung along Jalan Bakawali 76 serving Halal food. It's just a short 5 minute drive from AEON Jusco Jaya shopping centre to here.


JJ Mee Rebus is run by friendly, life long buddies Encik Samad (left) and Encik Atan (right).


Encik Atan is the chef using an old recipe found only in Johor. Encik Atan has been serving mee rebus for forty years.


JJ Mee Rebus looks very similar with other mee rebus except that the topping of tepung (crispy flour crackers) was more generous and there was no tau kwa (fried tofu cubes) or sambal chili (so you have no option to spice it up).


The well cooked generic yellow noodles were enveloped in a thick mildly sweet and savoury sauce with delicate crustacean flavour. The sauce is made by boiling a blend of mashed potatoes, tapioca, shrimps and spices.


Personally, I enjoyed JJ Mee Rebus most when I mixed the fried tepung (crispy topping) thoroughly with the sauce, making a rough grainy paste.

I was delighted with the sweet savoury flavour punctuated with mild spiciness from the cut green chilli and slight tang from the squeeze of fresh lime.

I especially love the mouth feel of the grainy sauce mixed with crispy tepung made by frying finely diced shallots and spiced tapioca flour batter. The soft gritty texture reminds me of cereal with milk in the morning. Yummay :-D


->> JJ Mee Rebus serves a unique, delicious Johor style mee rebus which is a Must Try. A humble stall, under the radar, not to be missed if you are a mee rebus lover. 

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Restaurant name: JJ Mee Rebus
Address: Jalan Bakawali 76, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.539156, 103.796447  |  1°32'21.0"N 103°47'47.2"E
Tel: 016 728 7965
Hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm (Closed on Sunday)


Dates visited: 26 Jan 2016, 28 Jan 2016

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  1. Wow! Memang sedap wa bole makan 2 pinggan mee rebus jj.. Puas hati lo

  2. Today,i visited the JJ mee rebus with my family. The mee rebus are really AWESOME. We agreed that the is the most tasty mee rebus in Johor.We strongly recommend JJ Mee Rebus.

    1. Dear Lily, glad you and your family like it too :-D

  3. Mee rebus ini sedap


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