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Mom's not Cooking? Take the Family to Kitchen Stories in Johor Jaya


One of the things I treasure about my blogging (which is simply sharing the food and places I come across in daily living), is the new friends that I make. Occasionally, I even join their families for dinner like this evening with Lynette's family at Kitchen Stories in Johor Jaya (Ros Merah).


This was my second time at Kitchen Stories, which now opens for dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (as well as lunch everyday except Monday).

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Dinners are always packed at Kitchen Stories. Families like to gather here because many want to give their family chef (which could be mom, dad or anyone nowadays) a break from cooking on weekends 😄

And the thing about Kitchen Stories is that they serve many family type dishes and they taste not very different from mom and dad's cooking. So, customers feel very much at home here -  a casual, unpretentious place with reasonable prices.

We had a lot of dishes - I probably ate the most because I love to eat and I want to gather details for this post.


I like this "Steam Fish with Special Sauce".


The tender sweet tasting Ikan Merah was smothered in a mild savoury sweet spicy sauce, so friendly that even young children can enjoy it.


Everyone in Lynette's family loves this Tomato Eggs dish. The wet drippy dish tastes eggy and sweet with a slight tang from the fresh tomatoes. 

Lynette's brother said "this dish has soul". Didn't ask him what he meant but this Tomato Eggs is really very nice lor... 😋 I will definitely order this too when I am back - it just feels very comforting and delicious. And, I love that fluffy texture of the eggs. This dish is like scrambled eggs smothered in gooey tomato sauce. (Actually, that's what it is... duh.. .)


Homestyle Kampung Steamed Chicken (RM26+).


Not the tenderest nor juiciest but I like this steamed chicken because it's natural chicky sweetness is quite pronounced. Actually, many people (myself included) like this tender chicken for it's slight chewiness too.


Fish Slice with Bean Sauce (RM18+).

Not very photogenic - can't even see that tender fish steak under that brown colour savoury sweet gooey fermented bean sauce topped with ginger, onion and scallion.

Why do I like this? Because, whenever I eat at home, my own family or friend's family, there is nearly always a fish dish that looks and tastes just like this 😂


Fried Fish (RM17+).

Another "mum's dish". Simply lightly battered fish, pan fried and plated the casual way mum would.

Aiyoh, just feel fuzzy nice but cannot even really explain why 😂 It's call love lor... .

Let me try another way - soft crisp outside, tender moist inside, mild savoury batter and slightly sweet fish meat 👌


Another fish dish. Aiyoh, why order so many fish dish 😄

This is "Steam Fish Slice with Chili Padi" (price RM18+).

Taste - ditto -

Just kidding. This is quite nice too. The chili padi and fried garlic bits gave the mildly sweet fish sitting in the pool of mild soy sauce a perky savoury spicy taste.


Fried Prawn Roll (RM9+).

A savoury sweet staple of Teochew homes which is simply a must at family get togethers 😄


Strip Meat with Ginger (RM13+ small serving).

Strips of sweet lean pork and spicy ginger stir fried in a thick savoury dark soy sauce.


Stir fried crunchy long beans with brinjal in savoury sauce (price RM10+ for small serving).


Fried tofu with brinjal and savoury sauce served in a claypot.


Stir Fried Noodles with Fish Slices.

These plain looking noodles were really tasty. I found myself digging my chopsticks frequently into this plate of wet, soft, savoury sweet tasting noodles.


👐 Hand model 😄

👉 If you are looking for a no frills but comfortable place for a casual family dinner on a weekend, Kitchen Stories at Johor Jaya (Ros Merah) is a good choice. Wide ranging menu, tasty homestyle dishes, fresh ingredients, consistent quality at reasonable prices. Plentiful free parking after 6pm.


Restaurant name: Kitchen Stories 美乐厨坊 
Address: 71 & 73, Jalan Ros Merah 2/2, Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.533039, 103.793650 / 1°31'58.9"N 103°47'37.1"E 
Tel+60 7-355 8263
Hours: 8:00am to 3:00pm (Monday off) | 6:00pm to 10:00pm (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Non Halal  

Date visited: 13 Aug 2016, 12 Aug 2017

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