Tuesday, 28 August 2018

JUSCO AEON Tebrau in Johor Bahru. We Cook You Eat Service

Good news for JB folks who are too busy to cook at home - now you can buy fresh ingredients at the supermarket at JUSCO AEON Tebrau and have their chefs cook for you for a nominal fee of RM6 😮😋 No need to cook at home - no kidding 😄

The popular supermarket at JUSCO AEON Tebrau in JB was just relaunched after major renovations and revamp. The expanded supermarket has more fresh produce and more F & B outlets. The We Cook You Eat service is one of the interesting new concepts of the bigger, better JUSCO AEON Tebrau supermarket.

The idea is simple - buy your fresh ingredients at the JUSCO supermarket, hand it over to the We Cook You Eat station, tell them the way you want it done (at the moment there's only grill or bake), and they will cook for you for a fee of RM6 per dish.

Pay for your chosen ingredients (with the We Cook You Eat sticker) the normal way at the check out, and take it to the We Cook You Eat station which has a small open kitchen.

Hand over your pick to the chef at We Cook You Eat station. The chefs are from Lemon Tree, a popular JB home grown chain of affordable Western restaurants.

The cooked dishes will be served at your table just beside the We Cook You Eat station.

The meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable sections are conveniently co-located with the We Cook You Eat station.

There's a wide range of beef from Australia.

The seafood section has both imported and local seafood.

The poultry section just a hop to the We Cook You Eat station.

There's a selection of premium meats including tomahawk steak at the We Cook You Eat station.

NZ Lamb Frenched rack at RM29.50 per 100 grams.

Our grilled NZ Lamb Frenched rack with fried French fries. (Sides costs an additional RM3.)

Australian Wagyu beef with grade 8 (out of 12) marbling.

Our Aussie Wagyu done medium rare served with fried potato wedges (which cost an additional RM3). Sauces including Lemon Tree's signature BBQ sauce are complimentary (remember to ask for it - the savoury sweet smokey BBQ sauce with underlying hickory flavour is delicious).

Aussie T-bone Steak.

Our grilled T-bone steak dressed with salad (which we bought from the Ready to Eat vegetable section).

Juicy savoury beefy baked Aussie back rib (with complimentary stewed vegetables) and French fries (RM3 extra).

Norwegian salmon trout. I like it that I can hand pick the exact piece of meat, fish or poultry that I like for my meal.

The salmon trout steak was simply dusted with salt, black pepper and grilled to golden brown outside. The outside had a slight crisp while the inside was warm and juicy, oozing with sweet omega 3 fat. Tasty and heart friendly 😄

We love this halibut fillet for its tender white meat's sweet flavour and omega 3 oil.

👉 I am excited about JUSCO AEON Tebrau's just launched We Cook You Eat service. I can hand pick and choose the exact fresh ingredients that I want. Pay just supermarket prices plus a nominal cooking fee. No need to cut, cook, wash and clean up if I were to cook at home. Affordable, convenient and still enjoy quality food in comfortable environment. (Now only bake and grill, JUSCO AEON Tebrau will expand their We Cook You Eat services over time.)

Disclosure: Please note that this was an invited tasting.

Pro tip: 

👌Dress your meats with Ready to Eat salads from the fresh vegetable section

👌Make sure the ingredients have the We Cook You Eat sticker.

Restaurant name: We Cook You Eat
Address: Ground Floor, Supermarket, AEON Tebrau City Mall, 1 Jalan Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru 
GPS:  1°32'56.8"N 103°47'46.3"E | 1.549110, 103.796183
Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm


Date visited: 28 Aug 2018

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