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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Best Food in Woodlands / Marsiling. Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

When I blogged about the roasts stall at Lucky Star Eating House at 211 Marsiling Crescent, several readers suggested that I should try Ah Keat's kway chap stall as well. So, here I am the next morning 😄

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

Ah Keat Pig Organ Soup. Kway Chap stall is side by side with Shi Mei Roasted. Chicken Rice. Ah Keat's stall has been here in 211 Marsiling Crescent for over 30 years. The coffee shop looks new as it has been renovated several times through the years.

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

This set of kway chap for SGD $4. I asked for all pork meat and offal sans tau pok, eggs, fish cake, other distractions etc. The friendly stall holders graciously obliged.

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

The braised pork was done a little softer than I like. But, the flavour was nice - it was mildly herbal sweet savoury. The flavour was infused from brown braising stock made with soy sauce, Chinese 5-spice and herbs.

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

Underneath the mild herbal sweet savoury flavour, I can taste the natural sweetness of the pork. The intestines were very well cleaned. Ah Keat doesn't serve stewed fallopian tubes which may disappoint some kway chap connoisseurs (but I am not one of them 😄 ). 

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

A stack of broad rice sheets come in a bowl of brownish colour stock.

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

The medium body stock was herbal sweet savoury, just like the meat and offal. The dominant flavour was sweet which I like (better than saltiness).

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

The kway or rice sheets were generic but thin and smooth. The subtly sweet rice sheet took on some of the herbal sweet savoury flavour of the brown stock clinging to it. I like it enough to order a second helping of the kway 😋

Ah Keat Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁

The chili sauce was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting much as in many kway chap places the chili sauce seemed like an afterthought. Ah Keat's chili sauce had a salty tangy flavour with a rather sharp lingering sting in the aftertaste. The zesty sauce goes perfectly with the herbal sweet savoury spongy soft meat and offal.

Woodlands Waterfront Park

👉 Lucky Star Eating House is a bit off the beaten track except for folks living in Woodlands or Marsiling. But, if you are using Woodlands Waterfront park, nearby Lucky Star is a good lunch / dinner option as there is Shi Mei Roasted and Ah Keat's kway chap.

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Lucky Star Eating House

Restaurant nameAh Keat Pig Organ Soup. Kway Chap 阿吉猪什汤•粿汁 (in Lucky Star Eating House) 
Address: 211 Marsiling Crescent, Singapore 730211 
GPS: 1°26'45.3"N 103°46'25.3"E 🌐 1.445925, 103.773692 
Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm (alternate Weds off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 29 Sept 2018

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