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小路易生煎馆 (漢街) Sheng Jian Bao at Hanjie Street. Wuhan Food

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

I heard a lot about the famous pan fried bao 生煎包 shop 小路易生煎馆 of Wuhan before and so was quite excited when we stumbled upon their outlet at Wuhan's Hanjie Street 漢街. Actually, I never expected to visit Wuhan, China - I was happy like a child when I spotted this.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

Hanjie street 漢街 is a trendy pedestrianised eating and shopping street popular with locals. The street is lined with international brands in pseudo "Republic of China era" European influenced buildings.

There is an interesting "golden shower" section at Hanjie Street where several trendy food stalls are located. This was where we stumbled upon 小路易生煎馆 serving traditional Sheng Jian Bao together with kiosks that sell fad food like soft serve ice cream, mini pizzas, bubble tea etc.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

This 小路易生煎馆 outlet is a simple kiosk. The soupy minced pork meat dumplings are freshly made by hand here at the kiosk.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

The minced pork dumplings are fried and steamed in the unique pan fried bao 生煎包 way. 小路易生煎馆 is founded by He Aojie (Jacques Olivier Ramponi), a Swiss gentleman who lives in Shanghai with his family where he was introduced to Sheng Jian Bao, a Shanghai speciality which is commonly sold there.

小路易生煎馆's parent outlet at Hankou is the first Sheng Jian Bao stall in Wuhan, Hubei. It was a booming success from the word go in 2009 and this kiosk at Hanjie Street is 小路易生煎馆's second outlet.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

Sheng Jian Bao has quite thick doughy skin (unlike its more elegant looking sibling, the dainty Xiao Long Bao).

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

The skin is pan fried in a layer of oil in a flat shallow cast iron pan. It is seared to a golden brown at the bottom so it has a crispy chewy bite. At the final stage of cooking, the Sheng Jian Bao is doused with water and covered tightly with a heavy wooden lid. The tops are cooked by steaming so it has a soft puffy bite.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

It is like having the best of both pan fried and steamed worlds in a single bao. (Sheng Jian Bao is cooked upside down, so the browned bottom is top - it's an upside down world 😂)

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

Inside the bao, it is filled with tongue scathing hot savoury sweet pork broth - Sheng Jian Bao is a form of 湯包 "soup bao" like its dainty sister the Xiao Long Bao. Be very careful as Sheng Jian Baos are very hot inside even though it doesn't have that steamy look.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

The minced pork filling is tender, moist and also gently savoury sweet.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

How much do we like 小路易生煎馆's Sheng Jian Bao?

We actually just wanted a taste and save most of our stomach space for a major banquet immediately afterwards (it's our last night in Wuhan), but that didn't prevent my friends from ordering two more rounds of 小路易生煎馆's Sheng Jian Bao.

Each Sheng Jian Bao costs RMB2. (They were sold at 4 pieces for RMB5 back in 2009 😂 )

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

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小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

Restaurant name小路易生煎馆 (漢街)
Address: Hanjie Street, Wuhan, China 汉街第三街区 (小吃的天下) 
GPS30°33'30.6"N 114°20'14.3"E | 30.558510, 114.337297
Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm

Non Halal


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Flight D7 879 flies from Wuhan direct to KL every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday departing Wuhan at 00:25am and arriving in KLIA2 at 05:25am.  

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