Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sin Hai Cheng Braised Duck Skudai JB 新山新海珍卤鸭肉面 JK1451


Back at Sin Hai Cheng duck mee 新海珍鸭肉面 in Sri Skudai today to taste their famous braised duck which is popular with JB folks.



Not much have changed at this spacious family and local oriented shop. Sin Hai Cheng has the same homely, down-to-earth feel about it, which I like.


Lao San 老三, the second generation owner of the 33 year old shop (founded in 1983), is busy at the chopping board (as usual). I remember Lao San for his marvellous knife skills 刀工 from my previous visit (four years ago).


We ordered a plate each of duck breast meat and innards. The total bill with drinks came to RM18.


Lao San sliced the duck breast consistently thin with a tiny strip of fatty skin on top, which I liked.  

The duck meat felt a little stiff and having it sliced thin made it more tender to the bite.  

The braising sauce is mild, tasting slightly savoury with subtle traces of herbs. The duck flavour was hardly perceivable which is good news for people who don't like duck's natural gaminess.


My usual plate of mixed braised duck innards like gizzard, heart and liver which all have their own interesting textures. Overall, the innards are cooked quite firm.


->> Sin Hai Cheng's braised duck is an established local favourite of JB folks. If you like braised duck which is not herbal and not gamey, Sin Hai Cheng will appeal to you.

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Restaurant name: Restoran Sin Hai Cheng 新海珍 
Address: 26 & 28, Jalan Emas Putih 2, Taman Sri Skudai, Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.547124,103.656059 / 1°32'49.6"N 103°39'21.8"E
Hours: 11:00am to 9:00pm (closed on Weds) 

Non Halal  

Date visited: 27 Mar 2012, 3 Apr 2016

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