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Im-Em Thai Kitchen (Formerly Dee Tongue) @ Aperia Mall

We decided to go Thai food for lunch on a whim, and Marcus suggested Im-Em Thai Kitchen at Aperia Mall near Lavender MRT station. Im-Em Thai Kitchen is the successor of the former Dee Tongue at Golden Mile Centre.

Im-Em apparently has quite a following judging by the full house lunch time crowd and queue waiting for tables. Former Dee Tongue's fans followed them here.

Pro-tip: From Marcus who is a regular, the dishes are default slightly toned down to suit the local palate. If you want the no holds barred Thai version, inform the staff that you want "Thai spicy" 🌶 👌

Ordering is by QR code and dishes come pretty fast once the orders are submitted.

Grilled Pork Tongue. This was just alright. The tongue was cut into little sticks like "fries". They were quite firm and neither juicy nor moist, and so were chewy almost stiff to the bite. Taste was gently savoury.

Next time, I shall pick the pork jowl as I prefer my pork done soft tender.

Prawn Salad with Lemongrass and Mint. Prawns were fresh but slightly overdone. Flavours were robust and it was spicy 🥵

Spicy Salad Рork. Tender juicy sweet ground pork blended with savoury and spicy flavours. Onion and other aromatics added their flavours to the tasty dish.

Clear Tom Yum Slice Fish.

I like Im-Em's clear tom yum with mouth and tongue numbing spiciness 🥵 from chilies and ginger. The thick tender slices of toman fish were fresh and its sweetness was accentuated by the hot spicy soup.

Thai Fried Rice was a winner. The rice grains were tender, nutty well greased but not overly oily. Eggy with wok hei and a bit of fish sauce umami savouriness and natural sweetness of rice. We all love this.

Love this crunchy umami savoury spicy Thai Papaya Salad.

Such a satisfying meal though our mouths were numbed 😂

Decided to call for the Fried Chicken Tendon to go with more beer 🍺 

Crispy outside with crunchy tendon cartilage inside. Not overly salty but still perfect beer food!

We like the atmosphere and ambiance here. Simple decor and furnishings but comfortable. No frills, efficient service, come here for tasty food in a comfortable environment at reasonable prices.

Dish ingredients were generally fresh, skilfully prepared, and flavours were robust with plenty of umami and hot spiciness. I would love to be back to try more dishes.

Restaurant name: Im-Em Thai Kitchen

Address: 12 Kallang Ave, #01-40, Singapore 339511 (Opposite Cold Storage, inside Aperia Mall at street level)

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Lavender station

Tel: 8152 8821

Hours: 11:30am - 9:30pm


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Written by Tony Boey on 12 Apr 2024

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