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Foliage 🍀 Passionate Creative Singapore Fine Dining that Tastes Great · Onze @ Tanjong Pagar

We gathered at Foliage restaurant for dinner. We were wow-ed by the familiar dishes with delightful surprising but tasteful, tasty twists.

The experience starts with finding the place, which is slightly challenging for people coming here for the first time 😂

Foliage is at Onze @ 11 Kee Seng Street, off Tanjong Pagar Road.

I passed this door twice without noticing the tiny signage, and had to call buddy to come out to meet me 🤣😅

Inside, it was a tiny space, and first impression was it was like a sushi joint in Tokyo - intimate and welcoming (meaning compact but comfortable). Foliage seats up to 14.

At a cursory glance, I didn't know what to make of the menu but it gave me the impression that it serves Nusantara type cuisine yet there were Japanese elements sprinkled here and there.

So, it really piqued my curiosity.

Officially, Foliage describes itself as a "Modern Asian restaurant with Japanese influences and Singaporean soul".

I found out later that that is precise and the essence of Foliage.

The small, understated space oozed and overflowed with quiet passion and self-assured confidence. An alluring aroma floated from the open kitchen and filled the little room, unconsciously triggering our salivary glands and whetting our appetites in great anticipation.

It's risky to raise one's clients' expectations sky high, but Foliage's offerings didn't disappoint at all, as we soon found out. 

Foliage is the passion project of Singaporean Dillon and wife Lulu from Bandung, Indonesia.

Chef proudly declared that "He has no pedigree nor past experiences in Michelin Star restaurants" - the self taught chef's food speaks for itself, we found out soon enough 💪

Dillon and Lulu's cuisine is deeply ingrained with their Southeast Asian roots and is imbued with the Japanese spirit from their frequent travels to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

By spirit I don't just mean sake though Foliage stocks a fine collection.

We got the ball rolling, our gears greased with this sweetish sake. Just let Lulu know the profile you like and she will suggest something specially for you.

Dillon got us going with Steamed Awabi (abalone) in "Teochew Steamed Fish" Consomme.

Shima Aji "Raw Fish Salad" with Kabu Porridge.

So much natural sweetness of the sea from the tender fish with texture like juicy candied fruit.

Just plain, perfect porridge. Natural sweetness in the soft tender wet grains.

But, it got us mind blown.

"Herbal Chicken" jus with Prawn & Scallop Dumpling.

Amazingly tasty sweet savoury spongy bouncy tender prawn and scallop ball (I mean dumpling), with herbal savoury sweet flavours from the herbal chicken jus.

Tai Snapper, Nasu and Shungiku Spring Roll in "Ikan Assam Pedas" sauce.

A very interesting flavourful spring roll set in a sourish sweet mildly spiced sauce.

Nasi Ulam with Ayu Fish Sauce Cured Yolk.

The umami eggy cured yolk added a savoury layer to the sweetish rice.

I generally cut off carbs during dinner but the nasi ulam made with fluffy basmati rice and various herbs, aromatics was so delicious that I asked for rice top ups 😅🤤

Chilean Calamari Masak Hijau.

Haricot Vérts and Seri Parsley Iberico Rendang. Two Cuts: Cheek and Sirloin 

The tender and moist Iberico pork cheek with natural sweetness complemented by mild spices.

I love the sirloin due to the sweet juicy, tender firm "crunchy" fat.

Soto Bebek (Duck Soto) and Duck Otah.

Ground duck meat blended with mild spices. Tender, juicy, rich with spice and savoury duck flavours.

Aromatic spices, duck and soy sauce soup. No hot spices.

Strawberry and Herb "Tau Huay" (bean curd), Sawahime Momoiro lce.

"Goreng Pisang".

Bitter Cáramel lce Cream.

Kaya Toast Macaron.

Move over kaya toast, this is the year of kaya butter toast macaron. Finishing the delightful dinner on a buttery sweet note.

This prix fixe menu at $188++ per pax runs till end of Jun 2024. Foliage refreshes their menu regularly, all Dillon and Lulu's interpretation of Southeast Asian dishes with twists from their travels, principally Japanese. Personal service by Dillon and Lulu was impeccable, warm and considerate.

Come and try it, and you could be hooked by the life style.


Restaurant name: Foliage

Address: 11 Kee Seng Street, #01-03, Singapore 089218 (street level Onze @ Tanjong Pagar)

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Maxwell station

Hours:12 noon - 2 pm | 6:30pm - 10 pm (Mon & Tues off | Sat & Sun dinner only)



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Written by Tony Boey on 11 Apr 2024

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