Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Chicken BBQ @ Meldrum Walk in Downtown Johor Baru, Malaysia

BBQ Chicken at Meldrum Walk

Navigating through the narrow streets of Meldrum Walk, one cannot miss this famous chicken BBQ stand.

The perfumed smoke seduced and took me captive. Oil dripping from roasting chicken onto hot coals sent out aromatic smoke signals to passers-by, as if calling out silently, seductively: “Come! Come over for a real BBQ treat!”.

I had just eaten dinner but couldn't resist eating again at this chicken BBQ stall. I told myself that it is not often that I get to have such good BBQ chicken wings for dessert. Yes! it's easy to create a "valid" reason to eat again J

I found the stall easily by trailing the fragrant bellowing smoke. Emerging from the thick smoke was a friendly, petite lady - using gloved hands, she was constantly turning skewers lined smartly with chicken wings.

All senses were engaged while I waited for my chicken wings to arrive: the bed of hot coals was burning red and white hot. Standing next to the grill for any longer could very well melt my camera!

The fragrant smoke from the BBQ-ed chicken permeated the street. Even with numerous other eateries surrounding us, I could only smell BBQ chicken! 

The stall front was a pretty display of chicken wings, chicken thighs and whole chickens. Every side of the small BBQ stand was lined with these chicken-filled skewers, somehow making a “chicken frame” for the stand. Left, right, above and on the BBQ grill were covered with neatly arranged chicken!

What a gastronomic display! Not only did this gave the stall front a pleasing display, it also served the chicken wings well by enriching its’ flavour. If the chicken wing was not directly on the BBQ grill, it was being smoked while waiting its turn. This kept the chicken wings at its best temperature for the BBQ grill. 

Shortly after, my order of chicken wings came and I immediately sank my teeth into the pipping hot wing. Oh, it was so tender and flavourful! The appearance of the golden brown chicken wing would be enough to draw in drooling crowds.

The chicken wings were grilled to perfection; slightly charred and glistening with a mild marinate. The chicken flesh had this slight tackiness to it; this was its sweet natural juices which were constantly rotated back into the chicken through the diligent turning of the skewer. The chicken wing carried a lot of flavours yet it wasn’t salty. The stall provided a mild chili sauce that had a hint of squeezed lime which enhanced the flavour of the wing even more. 

RM11 for a whole chicken, RM1.80 for a wing and RM3.60 for a thigh
Too bad I came to this chicken BBQ stall after having dinner, if not I would have ordered a whole BBQ chicken!

Well, that means that I have to return for more. That's great J

(Special thanks to Little Miss HR for this Guest Post.)

Restaurant name: Chicken BBQ Stall (Annie's)
Address: Push Cart Stall in Meldrum Walk in downtown Johor Baru
GPS: 1.460045,103.764673
Hours: 5:00pm to midnight (Closed on Tuesdays)
Non Halal

Date visited: 13 Feb 2012

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  1. BBQ chicken wing is known to locals As Annie's BBQ chicken since years 1984.

  2. I am the regular customer since I was young, It always my favourite chicken wing for me and my family. MUST TRY!!

  3. the chicken wings are good. but the chicken backside is fantastic!


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