Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fried Oyster Omelette (Oh Chien) @ Meldrum Walk near City Square in Downtown Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Oyster Omelette at Meldrum Walk

This is a popular fried oyster omelette (oh chien in Hokkien) stall at Meldrum Walk near City Square Mall.

This oh chien here is pretty much like scrambled eggs with plump succulent oysters plonked on top. It’s done skilfully so the eggs and fat juicy oysters remain soft.

The natural eggy flavour and the subtle sea salty taste of fresh succulent oysters were retained.

This is not the kind of oh chien with hard tapioca starch batter that features a crispy crust.

Looking at the unending orders at this stall, this soft version has its following.

My 80 plus year old lady neighbour in Singapore loves this oh chien and have her son bring her to Meldrum Walk every week for this. Hmm.. maybe the softer kind is easier for her J

If you like soft oh chien, this is it.

Restaurant name: Fried Oyster Oh Chien
Address: Stall in Meldrum Walk in downtown Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.460045,103.764673
Hours: to
Non Halal

Date visited: 13 Feb 2012


  1. Simply LOVE this store. Lots of eggs in it!! You hit the right spot! ;P

  2. LOL I am glad you like this. Thank you also for the FB Like ;D Appreciate it.

  3. May i ask,y is it non-halal?i used to eat those in malacca..try so hard to get those in jb

    1. oh.. it doesn't have the offical Halal certification.

    2. even it didn't get the halal certification, do you see any 'Haram' ingredients such as pork, lard or any suspicious derivative in process of cooking oychien?

      i would love to eat a nicely cook oychein once again. used to eat it in feringghi, penang.

    3. Besides the night stall at Meldrum Walk in downtown Johor Bahru, Any good recommendations to get Good OYCHIEN in JB. – Food Lover

  4. Try the fried oyster at sri tebrau food centre, run by an uncle and his sons next to the ikan bakar. Still the best so far. This meldrum walk stall is just so-so and too oily.

    1. OK I shall check that out :) Thanks for recommending.


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