Thursday, 9 February 2012

La La @ Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort in Kampung Kong Kong (Masai) Johor


When you are in Kong Kong Tai Son seafood resort in Kampung Kong Kong (Masai), besides the customary crabs, prawns, and fish, make sure you also order their la la (shell fish).


Kong Kong Tai San's la la is succulent and thoroughly cleaned. While waiting for orders, the la la is kept alive in these blue plastic tanks and under a constant spray of water. This process clears the la la's stomachs of all gunk and sand before they are sent to the wok.


The result is succulent, juicy and freshest tasting la la. This dish of fresh la la is stir fried in oyster sauce with sliced ginger and spring onions.


The la la flesh is sweet and firm – simply delicious without the slightest hint of sand or gunk, thanks to the purging process.

Definitely a must try. Worth an encore at every visit to Kong Kong Tai Son seafood.

->> Enjoy live seafood and sea breeze by the sea.
Restaurant name: Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort
Address: Lot 33, Kampung Kong Kong Laut, Masai, Johor
GPS1.513555, 103.999606
Hours: (Saturday)

Non Halal


Date visited: 1 Feb 2012

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