Tuesday, 25 September 2012

No. 1 Ikan Bakar 烧鱼 (BBQ Seafood) in Taman Universiti, Skudai, Malaysia

Taman Universiti No. 1 kopitiam seemed to be foodies' ground zero in the town's busy commercial centre.

The many stalls here at No. 1 kopitiam are the favourite hangouts for UTM (Universiti Technologi Malaysia) students and residents. The stalls here offer tasty meals at very affordable prices in causal, relaxed surroundings.

No. 1 Ikan Bakar is a favourite here among students especially for their affordable RM6 dinner set.

No. 1 Ikan Bakar's dinner set consists of a slab of stingray, garnished with lady's fingers and topped with a fried egg and their special sambal chili. Everything in, all for RM6, No. 1's dinner set is very popular with students.

Each dinner set gets half of the good sized baby stingray.

Besides the set dinner, we can also choose our own seafood. Our Ikan Bakar order came in a large slab of stingray and squid garnished with generous amounts of lady's fingers and petai beans, smothered in a thick blanket of sambal chili with everything grilled on a bed of banana leaf.

The most striking thing about No. 1 Ikan Bakar was their signature sambal chili. According to the boss, MR Sim, the sambal chili is a blend of 22 spices and herbs. The sambal felt gritty from the ground ingredients and was neither too spicy nor too salty. I liked it.

No. 1 Ikan Bakar's sambal chili is so popular that MR Sim sells them in 360gram containers at RM10 each.

No. 1 Ikan Bakar's grilled seafood is also served with chinchalok, chopped onions and calamansi; something that is not often seen nowadays. The chinchalok sauce has that characteristic fusion of tangy, sweet and salty tastes.

Personally, all these spicy hot sauces numbs the taste buds a little and overpowers the relatively bland flavour of stingray flesh. Put another way, the stingray was reliant on the sambal and chinchalok to lift its taste level.

MR Sim frying the squid and lady's fingers.

I love this lady's fingers, petai and squid combination with hot sambal chili.

I have been getting lots of suggestions to try out the many stalls in Taman Universiti. For sure, I am going to be at Taman Universiti many more times :)

Restaurant name: No. 1 Ikan Bakar 烧鱼
Address: Jalan Kebudayaan 16, Taman Universiti, Skudai
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/N4TN0
GPS: 1.539091,103.630063
Hours: 4:30pm to Midnight (closed on Thurs)
No pork, no lard

Date visited: 9 Sep 2012


  1. I love sambal stingray. The student set is so value for money and it comes with lady fingers and egg too! Can't find this type of value deal in singapore!

  2. Don't forget to try the oyster omelette k!

    1. Yes, it's on my must try list. Thanks for suggesting :)

  3. Try the one stall located behind grand paragon hotel. Hooker center 世得福 if I not mistaken. there's one ikan bakar. besttt!! must try their La La,Sotong, Kang kong & ikan bakar! The one with alot people queing & busy ordering.


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