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Good Morning Nanyang Café 早安南洋 Singapore


Today, our makan kakis gathered at Good Morning Nanyang Café 早安南洋 in the Singapore Financial District. I have heard a lot of good things about Good Morning Nanyang Café and chatted briefly with the boss, Byron Shoh online. Byron follows Johor Kaki blog and page :D So, I am quite excited to drop by at Good Morning Nanyang and meet Byron for the first time.


Good Morning Nanyang Café is at the back of Hong Lim Green Community Centre, facing the big green field at Hong Lim Park and dwarfed by spanking new Pan Pacific Hotel across the road.

Singapore Best Food at Good Morning Nanyang Café 早安南洋

Byron is a gentle and warm gentleman. Understated, friendly and sincere - Byron made us feel comfortable and at home.

And, Byron is infectiously passionate about his coffee, kaya and toast. He was eager to share his expertise about his love with us and kept inviting us to try our hands making coffee and toast under his guidance.

Singapore-Best-Food-Good-Morning-Nanyang-Café-早安南洋Singapore-Best-Food-Good-Morning-Nanyang-Café 早安南洋
Photo credit: Philip Lim and Semi Han

I am not a very good apprentice. I spill some of the tea on the floor when the boss was not looking, so sorry Byron :P


Byron shared that one of the keys of making a good coffee is the temperature of the water. It must be just below boiling point at 90+ degrees C.


Byron, the master, pulling teh (tea). Good Morning Nanyang Café uses tea leaves to make their teh - no 钓鱼 dipping tea bags here.


GMNYC's Ciabatta Toast with kaya is a little different style from the usual kaya toasts seen at other kopi joints. The airy bread is thick, lightly toasted and the kaya is spread on thick and creamy.


Byron makes his kaya soft but slightly grainy which gives it an interesting mouth feel - a good change from the usual smooth kaya. I love it. Byron's kaya has just the right sweetness and does not have the greasiness and sugary aftertaste of factory kayas.


Byron makes his unique kaya right here at the café using only natural ingredients like coconut milk, pandan leaves, and plenty of eggs.


I like the Orange Peel Ciabatta Toast. The buttered bread is light and crispy, sandwiching a thick layer of creamy butter and GMNYC's signature kaya. 


The Orange Peel Ciabatta Toast has bits of orange peel which give it an interesting flavour.

Singapore-Best-Food-Good-Morning-Nanyang-Café 早安南洋

My second frothy cup of freshly brewed kopi c kosong. Satisfying, full bodied, smooth blend of sweet with subtle bitter hints. One is never enough :P 

Takeaway (tapau) kopi kau in a Styrofoam cup. Not hip yet so comforting, so us in Malaysia and Singapore. To me that's cool. How many of us start another harried day at the office with this?

Try Good Morning Nanyang Café 早安南洋 - there's a good chance that it will change the way you look at kopi and kaya toast.

Restaurant name: Good Morning Nanyang Café 早安南洋
Address: Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre, 20 Upper Pickering Street #01-01, Singapore
GPS: 1.286172,103.846555
Hours: Mon to Fri 7:30am to 5:00pm. Sat 8:00am to 5:00pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

(Other outlets at Maxwell Road, Chinatown Point and Far East Plaza.)

Date visited: 11 Nov 2013

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