Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Myojo Spicy Mushroom Flavour Cup Instant Noodle


Myojo Spicy Mushroom Flavour Cup Instant Noodle.


Comes in a large paper cup.


In the cup, the noodle block, sachet of seasoning and sachet of garnish.


The large and thick noodle block.


The seasoning powder.


Bits of freeze dried mushrooms, taupok (fried tofu), spring onions and chili flakes.


This was very easy to prepare. Just add boiling water, wait 4 minutes and you have a hot cup of instant noodles in spicy broth.


Noodles were soft and slightly bouncy. It had a clean, wheat taste. These were "straight noodles" instead of the usual curly instant noodles.  


Broth was slightly tangy, mildly spicy, and quite salty. It had no body and had a slight chemical aftertaste. I didn't find the broth's flavour and taste appealing. I couldn't detect the "mushroom flavour" as it overpowered by the broth's saltiness. I didn't want to finish the broth.

The bits of freeze dried mushroom and taupok (fried tofu) were quite interesting but there was very little of it to make an impact.

Myojo Spicy Mushroom Flavour Cup Instant Noodle is certified Halal.

Rating 3/10.

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