Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lontong Kering @ Fatimah Nasi Campur in Hutan Bandar, Johor Bahru

Reader GKS, commenting on my post on the lontong kering at Warung Saga suggested that I also try the lontong kering at the food centre just next to Hutan Bandar and opposite SMK Sultan Ismail.

I drove pass Hutan Bandar several times before, without realising that there is a very good food centre nestled among the trees in the beautiful park. Thank you, GKS for the tip

The clientele at Hutan Bandar consists mainly of office workers as well as civil servants from the offices nearby. There are also chatty and cheerful groups of park users gathering after their morning exercise at Hutan Bandar. Another group are students from the SMK Sultan Ismail across the road.

As lontong kering is a popular dish in Johor, it is not surprising that a few of the stalls are serving it here at Hutan Bandar - each stall with their own loyal following.

Today, I tried Fatimah's - stall number 13 - after confirming its popularity with the customers here.


This is the RM4 plate. It comes with snowy white cubes of lontong, stir fried vegetables, fried tofu, tempeh, fried coconut shreds, a peanutty satay type gravy, a dollop of sambal chili and a choice of curry chicken or mutton. I chose mutton, my favourite meat.

If you like more ingredients, you have the choice of additionals like the popular fried beef lung from the nasi campur spread at extra cost. Everything is prepared by Puan Fatimah and it's like home cooked food.


The kambing (mutton) was fragrant with robust coconut milk flavour and spices - plenty of oomph. Despite its fiery look, it was not too spicy hot. The meat was moist, felt firm and chewy though not hard. Personally, I prefer my mutton more tender.

The bland tasting lontong complement all the spicy accompaniments well. The lontong itself was dense and firm - tightly packed with compressed rice. My preference is for the softer version.

Hutan Bandar food centre is a cosy place to relax with good food and teh tarik while enjoying lush nature just at the fringe of hectic downtown Johor Bahru.

I will definitely be back to try out the other stalls and also to enjoy the Hutan Bandar park.


Restaurant name: Fatimah Nasi Campur (stall number 13)
Address: Off Jalan Abdul Samad (next to Hutan Bandar and opposite SMK Sultan Ismail)
Map: http://g.co/maps/g6ssk
GPS: 1.480152,103.742974
Hours: 7:30am to 2:00pm

Date visited: 12 Feb 2012

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