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Hometown Flavours 拉美士雞絲粥六味湯 Labis Chicken Porridge

Hometown- Flavours-拉美士雞絲粥六味湯-Labis-Chicken-Porridge

Labis Chicken Porridge was our last makan stop during our day trip to Labis town. Mr Tien, admin of FB Page Labis Ecotourism said, "..... 我從小吃到大 I grew up eating this" as the bowls of hot porridge were being served at our table.


拉美士雞絲粥 Labis Chicken Porridge is located in the airy cool veranda and foyer of a village home - something not unusual in rural Malaysia. The eatery opens from 12 noon to 8pm, and townsfolk young and old stream in for a light meal at all hours of the day.


拉美士雞絲粥 started as a street side mobile stall on a tricycle nearly 50 years ago in Labis town. At that time, they just served chicken porridge and a watery sweet dessert known as 六味湯 or "six flavour soup". Since moving to the house, they have added boiled chicken and also fried kway teow to their menu.


Now run by the third generation, assisted by the second generation, and supported by the fourth generation. It's a happy family business. Again, not unusual in rural Malaysia.


拉美士雞絲粥 the signature chicken porridge is simply white rice boiled to a thick lumpy gruel. The porridge's sweetness is layered by chicky sweetness from chicken with fresh spring onion, preserved turnip, a bit of aromatic oil 熱油 and a dribble of light soy sauce adding flavours to complete the dish.

Townsfolk like Mr Tien said the taste has never changed and that is why people flock to 拉美士雞絲粥 for nearly half a century.

It's simple and nice, especially with the kampung ambiance.


We had a plate of boiled chicken. Personally, I prefer chicken that is softer and juicier. But, despite it's slight dryness, the chicken flavour is still present, which is nice. This chicken also tasted slightly briny.


The chicken intestines, tenderly chewy with a gentle chicky flavour add lots of enjoyment to the porridge for me. It's a rare luxury, not in that it is expensive, but it is something we rarely get to taste as it is seldom available in Singapore.


The "six flavour soup" here is rather unique - it has macaroni! It's the first time I see anything like this. The pasta is done soft and a little sweet after soaking in the sugary "soup".

The other ingredients in the "soup" are barley, grass jelly, etc.


The char kway teow is well fried with a slight crisp on the outside. The taugeh (bean sprouts) were crunchy and juicy. The flavour is the salty-savoury type but it tasted a little flat as there was not much depth or layers of flavour.


👉 I like this clean tasting porridge with accents of mild chicky taste. I love to eat it with the chicken intestines which we rarely have in Singapore. 

To Labis townsfolk 拉美士雞絲粥六味湯 is definitive of hometown flavours - generations grew up with their chicken porridge and "6 flavour soup". It goes well beyond superficial "tasty, not tasty" but goes straight to the heart and meaning of being a Labis Lang 拉美士人.


Restaurant name: 拉美士雞絲粥六味湯
Address: 18 Jalan Ahmad, Labis, Johor
GPS:  2°23'29.1"N 103°01'12.8"E | 2.391408, 103.020237
Tel: 012 752 8281 | 07 925 2773
Hours: 12:00 noon to 8:00pm (Monday off except for Public Holidays)

Non Halal

Date: 13 May 2017

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