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全記得 Braised Duck @ Happiness (formerly Shang Hai) Kopitiam. Desa Cemerlang Johor JB ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Thank you my makan kaki Ong for showing me 全記得 at Shang Hai coffee shop in Desa Cemerlang, JB - the little stall serves one the best braised duck that I've tasted in JB and Singapore so far.

新山好好吃的卤鸭. 卤汁的味道不会太重. 鲜甜的鸭和有微微药材味的卤汁搭配的刚刚好. 全記得的卤鸭可说是非吃不可. 地址 - Restoran Shang Hai 上海美食中心, Jalan Johar 4, Desa Cemerlang. 早上9点到下午1点.


Mr Tan and his wife have been selling braised ducks for over thirty years. 全記得 is one of the rare stalls that still uses live ducks in JB.


全記得 is one of several food stalls inside Restoran Shang Hai -  a typical Malaysian style coffee shop at the corner of Jalan Johar 4 (junction with Jalan Johar 6) in Taman Desa Cemerlang in JB.


This was Ong and I's second meal this morning in quick secession 😂


On first sight, I wasn't too excited as the duck breast was sliced very thin and it was slathered with dark braising sauce that pooled at the bottom of the shallow dish. (I prefer my braised duck neat and the sauce at the side as an option for dipping.)


One bite and 全記得's braised duck got my full attention.

The dark braising sauce is just mildly savoury sweet with herbal notes. The slice of braised duck was tender, smooth and juicy with gentle natural sweet ducky taste. The mild braising sauce and gentle natural duck sweetness complemented each other very well. The thin strip of fatty skin at the top added another subtle layer of sweetness to the duck.

This is the best braised duck that I have tasted for a long time. The duck meat was very fresh as it was from live ducks!


Oh.. this gently sweet herbal tasting soup was so... good.... .


We also had a plate of braised pork belly and intestines. They were very nicely done too - tender but still have some tender spring to the bite.


Tender kway teow kia (slender flat rice noodles) tossed in thicken braising sauce. The mild savoury sweet flavours made the noodles enjoyable and went well with the braised duck (the lead actor).


Kway teow kia in herbal soup on it's way to another customer. I shall try this at my next visit as I just know that I will enjoy it 😆


My friend Ong packing home more braised duck for his family to enjoy.


👉4-Star (out of 5) I am so happy and appreciative of buddy Ong for showing me 全記得. Their braised ducks are very fresh (slaughtered the same day). The ducks are braised with owner Mr Tan's 30+ years of experience. The mild savoury sweet herbal braising stock balances perfectly the fresh duck's natural sweetness. This is the best braised duck that I have tasted for a very long time 😄 Must Try for braised duck lovers.

Thank you buddy Ong for the treat 😄


Restaurant name: 全記得 Braised Duck (inside Restoran Shang Hai 上海美食中心 Happiness coffee shop)
Address: 28, Jalan Johar 4, Taman Desa Cemerlang, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1°33'54.8"N 103°48'54.4"E | 1.565231, 103.815097
Hours: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Non Halal

Date: 27 May 2017

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  1. I think the address is not correct

    1. Thank you Chin Huat. I have adjusted the address. Appreciate much.

  2. The name of the kopitiam has changed from "Shanghai" to "Happiness". But I had no problem identifying the stall as the owner looked exactly like the photo above, he was even wearing the same T shirt lol :-) The duck is indeed fresh and the braising sauce mild and tasty. One duck costs RM60.

  3. Dunno why when I ordered the whole duck they din include the wings. It's nice though.


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