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Hwa Mui Kopitiam Sutera Johor Bahru JB


I was at the Hwa Mui outlet in Taman Sutera for lunch. You know what? The very first blog post on Johor Kaki is on the original Hua Mui outlet in JB's old downtown - that was on 20 Dec 2011. Six years on, I am back at Hwa Mui again for their famous chicken chop.


Hwa Mui's Sutera outlet is spacious, simply furnished and cool under whirling ceiling fans. I like simple kopitiams (coffee shops) like these as it feels casual and comfortable. The service staff are polite and attentive.


Like it's original shop in JB's old downtown, Hwa Mui in Sutera is popular with all communities. Malaysian style kopitiams like Hwa Mui have an extensive menu - besides the staple coffee, kaya toasts and eggs, they also have mee siam, mee rebus, lontong, nasi lemak, fried rice, mee goreng etc etc. There is something for everybody. There are also Western style dishes like chicken chops.

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Naturally, I ordered Hwa Mui's famous chicken chop 😄 Doesn't it look so simple, yet so elegant?


The chicken chop is made with a chicken thigh, deboned, spread out flat, battered and then deep fried to a golden brown outside.


The golden brown batter is just the right thickness, neither too thin nor too thick. It is also not greasy. It felt gritty and crispy at the same time. The meat is thin but moist and tender.

The flavour is mainly a gentle savouriness from the fried exterior and a slight sweetness from the chicken meat.


The light colour, starch thicken brown sauce is also mildly savoury sweet and adds a nice layer of flavour to the chicken chop.


I like it that Hwa Mui serves fried skinned potato wedges with their chicken chop (instead of generic French fries). The potato-sweet wedges were done just right - tender but not too soft or mushy.


I also like it that the sweet tender green peas served with the chicken chop have a bit of bite (instead of being mushy soft).


I had a coleslaw to go with my chicken chop. Cabbage and carrot are finely shredded and tossed in a creamy mayo based dressing. Served slightly chilled, the cabbage and carrot shreds were crunchy with their own natural sweetness. The mayo and vinegar in the coleslaw dressing added more sweetness and a bit of tang to the crunchy salad. It's a bit on the "too sweet" side for my tastebuds though.

I always enjoyed fried chicken and coleslaw together (since my KFC days eons ago 😂 ).


Come to Hwa Mui must of course have a cup of their traditional Nanyang kopi (coffee).


👉 JB folks love their chicken chops, more so I think than many other towns. Whether you like the mild gentle flavours or not, Hwa Mui's old school chicken chop is among the pioneers that shaped Johorean's taste for chicken chops for three generations.


My lunch costs RM25.20. Hwa Mui collects GST and does not charge service tax.

This is my earlier post on Hua Mui - the very first Johor Kaki blog post 😄 👈 click


Restaurant nameHwa Mui Kopitiam華美茶餐廳
Address50, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
GPS 1°30'58.9"N 103°40'07.1"E | 1.516357, 103.668644
Tel+60 7-556 4086
Hours: 7:30am to 9:00pm

Certified Halal

Date visited: 25 May 2017

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  1. Went there for tea a few times. Better atmosphere than their original place


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