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Best Singapore Hawker Centre Coffee. Kopi More @ Golden Mile ⭐⭐⭐⭐


You know... we hear it all the time. Singaporeans often lament how the standard of kopitiam or hawker centre kopi (coffee) has dropped so much yet prices kept going up. It's really hard to get a quality cup of coffee in Singapore hawker centres these days. Sadly, to get good coffee, we have to resort to hipster cafes and even there, the quality is hit or miss.

I feel more sad than upset by the decline of Singapore kopi.

But now, there is hope.


My buddies have been raving about Kopi More, a new kopi stall at Golden Mile Food Centre barely 4 months old and already making waves.


Where else in a Singapore hawker centre can you get a good Nanyang kopi blend made with an espresso machine for SG$1.50?

Only at Kopi More.

I am really excited 😄


Kopi More's kopi-O has a rich looking golden brown chestnut colour crema with seductive subtle fresh kopi aroma. It has a smooth full body with a robust toasty, nutty flavour balanced with a slight sweetness. The full body kopi-O clings to the tongue giving it a nice lingering nutty aftertaste.

Shiok lah, this kopi-O gao.

I never had such a good kopi-O gao in a Singapore hawker centre before 😄 

And, for SG$1.50 😂


Lawrence has long been a coffee geek before he decided to start a kopi stall himself.


Lawrence uses his own blend of Indonesian Robusta and Columbian Arabica roasted the good old Nanyang style (with sugar and margarine). It is ground in small batches at the stall so we always get fresh coffee 👍


Lawrence presses out the coffee one by one with an espresso machine instead of a kopi sock as high pressure reduces the acidity in the coffee for a smoother brew (otherwise, your kopi will have a sourish taste and harsher mouth feel).


With crema like this who needs milk and fancy latte art?

4-stars (out of 5). For some time now, poor me had to resort to kopi-C kosong at hawker centres to mask the watery chao tar ashy coffee with sugary evaporated milk. 

With Kopi More. Not anymore 😄

I don't know where to get a better kopi-O for SG$1.50 in Singapore.

Three cheers to Singapore kopi ☕ ☕ ☕


Restaurant name: Kopi More
Address: Golden Mile Food Centre, #B1-49, 505 Beach Road, Singapore
GPS: 1°18'10.5"N 103°51'51.0"E | 1.302909, 103.864179 Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Non Halal (the kopi has no pork but Lawrence also serves Chinese steamed snacks)

Date: 7 May 2017

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  1. Bravo Johorkaki! I am all for supporting local hawkers.


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