Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Fried Spring Rolls at Jalan Jenang Side Lane in Batu Pahat Johor


We were eating by the side walk on our Batu Pahat food trail when Jenny disappeared again.... 😣 Then, she suddenly popped back grinning with a greasy bundle wrapped in old newspaper. The Batu Pahat girl was rediscovering her hometown... the aromas and flavours of her childhood 😄


The Batu Pahat girl did warned us during the 2 hour drive from JB to BP.

Her childhood spring roll is fried till golden brown and crispy outside. The skin is quite thick, so the crisp is like a thin biscuit which crackles and shatters when we bite through it.

The filling is generous with layers of sweetness from bangkuang, pork etc braised in its own sweet juices. The moist filling is soft but there is still a little juicy crunch to the bite.

Everything Jenny told us in the car about this spring roll is true - this fried popiah is nice!


That's why, it is always good to have a local with us on a food trail 😄

Locals know where are the good no signboard stalls located in unnamed side lanes and back lanes that do not even show up on Google map.


This popular no name fried spring roll stall is located at a nameless side lane between Chop See Kee wanton mee and the OCBC Bank branch along Jalan Jenang.


The filling made with bangkuang, carrot, cabbage, pork etc in a deep, old school enamel wash basin is kept warm, simmering in its own juices over a slow fire at the stall.


The spring rolls are assembled on the spot at the little stall.


The spring rolls are fried to a golden brown crisp.


The freshly fried spring rolls are allowed to rest and cool a few moments before they disappear with waiting customers.


👉 A very nice traditional savoury naturally sweet snack. When you are in Batu Pahat, these fried spring rolls fit perfectly in between your main meals.


Thank you Jenny for showing this lovely stall.


Restaurant name: No name side lane mobile stall
Address: Side lane between Chop See Kee wanton mee and OCBC branch along Jalan Jenang, Batu Pahat, Johor
GPS: 1°51'00.2"N 102°55'38.1"E | 1.850070, 102.927244
Hours: Brekky till lunch

Non Halal

Date: 19 May 2017

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