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Best Johor JB Pasar Malam Food. Hae Piah Ji or Fried Prawn Fritter


Stumbled upon this popular stall selling delicious hae piah ji 蝦餅煎 or deep fried prawn fritters while browsing the pasar malam (night market) in Johor Jaya (opens every Tuesday).

这个在新山夜市的炸虾饼, 是两姐妹开的. 他们的炸虾饼有两种. 有纯的虾饼 (RM1.50). 还有加菜的虾饼 (RM2). 两种都好吃. 饼炸得脆脆的. 里面还有一点松软. 我个人更加喜欢吃包菜的虾饼. 饼里面有萝卜丝, 葱头, 葱, 还有一点泡菜丝. 不要小看那些小白虾, 他们是多么的新鲜, 软又香甜. 喜欢吃炸虾饼的朋友,下次有到新山夜市, 一定要找这个炸虾饼小档口.


Going to the pasar malam is a favourite pastime for many. It's fun to shop for food, fruits, vegetables, fish and all kinds of daily needs in the cool of the evening. The night markets are conveniently located and go to a different town every evening.


You can buy and take home a hearty dinner from the food stalls here or just buy some snacks to enjoy while you explore the night market. This little stall selling hae piah ji or deep fried prawn fritters always have a long line of people waiting.


The prawn fritters are made at the stall with flour, vegetables and, of course, fresh small white prawns.


The prawn fritters are fried on the spot. The fried prawn fritters are best eaten piping hot straight from the wok of hot oil.

This stall sells two kinds of hae piah ji.


There is the plain hae piah ji with prawns set on just a flour base. RM1.50 each.


Then, there are prawns set on a base with vegetables. RM2 each.

I love both the hae piah ji here as the golden brown base is crispy outside while inside it is light with a slight fluffy bounce. The flavour is just mildly savoury sweet (I don't like batter that are overly salty). The fried fritters are also not overly greasy especially when we eat it while it is hot. The little white prawns were tender and juicy as well as surprisingly sweet. Nice!


Both types of prawn fritters are delicious, but personally I like the vegetable batter one even more. In the vegetable batter, there are slivers of cabbage, carrot, chive and onion giving it added flavours and crunch. The vegetable studded batter tastes so delicious together with the embedded juicy sweet prawns.


You can have your hae piah ji in one whole piece or have it cut into bite size pieces.


4-Star (out of 5). When you visit a Johor Bahru pasar malam, look out for this hae piah ji stall. Their deep fried prawn fritters are very nice 😋

Pasar Malam Location 👉

Monday - Taman Century (Jalan Seladang)
Tuesday - Johor Jaya (Jalan Dedap 13)
Wednesday - Taman Skudai Baru (near Jalan Pendekar 2)
Saturday - Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (Jalan Perkasa 2/3/4)

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Date: 9 May 2017

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