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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Famous Grilled Unagi Don in Tainan Taiwan 鰻丼作

Restaurant name: 鰻丼作
Address: No. 11, Lane 35, Section 2, Yongfu Road, West Central District Tainan City, Taiwan 700 | 台南市中西區永福路二段35巷11號
GPS22°59'26.2"N 120°12'00.4"E | 22.990597, 120.200102
Nearest MRT:
Tel: +886 6 223 1358
Hours11:00am - 2:00pm | 5:00pm - 9:00pm

鰻丼作 is a popular grilled unagi 日本鰻 restaurant in Tainan City in Taiwan. The restaurant always has a queue especially during meal times and often even before it opens its doors for business.

鰻丼作 is housed in a refurbished half century old shop house. Boss Mr 谢 served his grilled unagi at a night market stall and later worked in a restaurant for 15 years in all before striking out on his own in this quaint tiny heritage shop house.

鰻丼作 uses fresh quality "white eels" 白鳗鱼 which are raised in Taiwan for export to Japan. They use 3-4 year old fish as the older eels are bigger, its tender meat thicker and more springy to the bite. The eel is cleaned, butterflied, grilled, steamed, painstaking deboned by hand and then finished by grilling again over charcoal before serving.

While char grilling, the eel are brushed with 鰻丼作's house made sauce. The sauce is made by boiling grilled eel spines with sake and soy sauce etc for at least 4 hours.

鰻丼作's boneless unagi is thick, delicately tender yet springy. It tastes savoury sweet with a slight toasty charred flavour and aroma.

The grilled eel is eaten with sweet tender white boiled rice which is drizzled with savoury sweet unagi sauce.

Remember to order 鰻丼作's grilled eel liver on a stick skewer. The soft yet chewy grilled eel liver is naturally slightly bitter which is balanced by the savoury sweet sauce. This is a very popular side dish.

鰻丼作's unagi don is served with a bowl of slightly cloudy unagi head soup cooked with Chinese herbs.

鰻丼作 has a menu of other Japanese dishes including egg omelette with sea urchin... hmmm..... I must try this 😄

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