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Famous Shandong Leek Empanada & Scallion Pancake in Taipei 秦家餅店

Restaurant name秦家餅店
AddressNo. 12, Lane 6, Siwei Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 | 台北市四維路6巷12號 (仁愛圓環, 從敘香園旁的巷子走進去, 就在敘香園停車場旁) 
GPS25°02'13.7"N 121°32'52.0"E | 25.037140, 121.547771
Nearest MRTDa'an 大安站
Tel:02-2705-7255 (best to book ahead of time)
Hours: 11:30am - 7:00pm (Sunday off)

In Taipei's Da'an district, there is a popular old, family run shop making and selling Shandong style 韭菜 leek Empanadas and scallion pancakes. 秦家餅店 is famous for not using any oil in frying their crispy yet juicy chive and scallion filled pastries.

秦家餅店 is founded by grandma 婆婆 who misses her hometown Shandong food. It turned out that many Shandong people in Taiwan had the same homesick feeling as 婆婆. As soon as she opened 秦家餅店, it met with immediate enthusiastic response from locals for her delicious Shandong specialities.

(One of the things that make Taiwan such as a fascinating culinary travel destination is it is a melting pot of food from every region of China.)

秦家餅店 is now in its third generation, run by 婆婆's son 玉強, daughter, and granddaughter. All three generations are often seen making the pancakes together.

大姐 said making leek empanadas and scallion pancakes is therapeutic and brings peace and joy. The family still eat their own pastries together everyday as they love it. The hometown pastries bind the whole family.

The dough is hand kneaded and rolled into very thin round pieces. Freshly chopped leek and scallion are folded into the thin flatten dough. They are then laid on a hot flat griddle to fry at 200℃ without any oil or grease.

On the hot flat griddle, moisture from the leek and scallion expands but are trapped in the dough purses. The purses of leek and scallion breathe, heave and sigh as if they are doing qi gong breathing exercises 😄 The purses are turned regularly on the hot griddle until they looked marbled with floating blobs of brown blister pattern 出花.

The empanadas are tightly packed full of chopped leek, egg, mung bean vermicelli and dried shrimps flavoured with a bit of peanut oil and sesame oil. The pancakes are thick with chopped scallion. 秦家餅店 is particular that their vegetables are fresh and well cleaned.

There is a prescribed technique to eat the scallion pancake to get the best enjoyment. First, flatten the scallion pancake with the flat of our palm. Then, roll it into the shape of a spring roll. Eat it lengthwise, starting from one end to the other. In this way, we will be able to eat the pastry and the scallion evenly distributed together. We enjoy the crispy yet tender and chewy texture as well as the sweetness and crunch of the chopped scallion.

秦家餅店's empanadas and pancakes are wholly hand made, so production volume is low - meaning, waiting time is long and they sell out fast. Best to call 02-2705-7255 before setting off.

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