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Awesome Fried Porridge @ Old World Bakuteh in Hiap Hoe Eating House, Blk 732 Yishun Singapore


It's New Year's eve and I have a dental appointment in Yishun. So, I hoped to have something nice before reclining on the dentist's chair 😱

I turned to my Facebook friends for advice, as I often do. As always, many tempting suggestions poured in. Timothy suggested I try Old World Bakuteh 老世界肉骨茶 at Blk 747 in Yishun.

As my dental clinic is also at Blk 747 (what a co-incidence) and since I know the boss Jemmy, I decided to go to Old World Bakuteh for today's lunch. (The other interesting suggestions I will take up during future trips to Yishun. Thank you guys and gals 😊 )


$6.50 got me this bowl of bak kut teh and rice. That's quite a generous amount of pork ribs for $6 in Singapore. Old World Bakuteh doesn't serve pig tails, my favourite cut for bak kut teh (nor "dragon bone i.e. prime rib", the premier cut in Singapore BKT).


The slightly cloudy looking soup is old school Singapore style - mildly savoury with gentle garlicky and peppery tastes, plus a bit of underlying sweetness.


The meat on the ribs was fall-off-the-bone tender and juicy.


The meat was done 1% pink i.e. perfect for me 👍 It tastes savoury with a bit of savoury garlicky pepperiness infused from the soup. Sweetness was slight as it was frozen pork (but, hey... even big brands charging premium prices don't all use fresh pork in Singapore).

Overall, a nice bowl of old school Singapore bak kut teh. Old World Bakuteh is less than 2 months old, but I met a couple of customers who are regulars already. It's one of the best bak kut teh that $6 can buy in Singapore.

Recently, I hosted some overseas friends on a Singapore hawker food trail. They wanted Singapore bak kut teh but not-too-spicy. Old World Bakuteh would fit the bill perfectly.


When I just finished my bak kut teh, Jemmy told me that their fried porridge is very popular too 😲 With some hesitation, I followed up the bak kut teh with fried porridge even though I was already full 😂 I couldn't resist it as fried porridge is very rarely sold in Singapore, and my curiosity was really piqued.


The basic porridge is already pre-cooked flavoured with dark soy sauce etc. When there is an order, Jemmy would finish the porridge with a few final but critical steps. First, he fries shallot, dried shrimp, tau kuah cubes etc in a pan to extract their flavours. He then fries the porridge in the pan to infuse the hae bee and fried shallot flavours and aromas into the gruel.
(Swipe left for the awesome fireworks display 🔥)

As the porridge dries up a little during frying, Jemmy splashes in some bak kut teh stock (i.e. more flavours). Other ingredients like mince pork, lean meat slices, liver, intestines, stomach etc are then added into the porridge.


The fried porridge was garnished with lots of chopped scallion and fried shallot before serving. Price $5.

Not a very Instagrammable dish... but it was solidly packed full of flavours and aromas.


There were layers upon layers of umami, savoury and sweet flavours from the fried dried hae bee, shallots, tau kuah, pork and offals. There were hints of pepperiness as Jemmy dusted the porridge with white pepper before serving.

The liver and lean meat slices were nicely done, tenderly juicy with their natural flavours intact. Ample aromatics too from the fried shallot and chopped scallion.

I am craving another round of fried porridge as I write this 😂😋 If you like loads of bold flavours packed into one little dish, this is for you too. It's a lot of joy that $5 can buy.


Restaurant name: Old World Bakuteh 老世界肉骨茶
Address747 Yishun Street 72 732 Yishun Ave 5, Hiap Hoe Eating House, Singapore 760747 760732 (10 minutes walk from Yishun MRT station)
Tel9388 5288
Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Date visited: 31 Dec 2019


As this is my last blog post of 2019, may I take this opportunity to sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and express my heartfelt thanks for your friendship and support 💗

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