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Generation Coffee @ Tekka Centre. Hawker Stall Artisanal Espresso Brew


Arrived too early for lunch appointment, so I went to stalk the hawker stalls at Tekka Centre. Stumbled upon Generation Coffee, a new kid on the block. They serve artisanal coffee with a shiny espresso machine which piqued my curiosity and so gave it a try.


The beans, both Robusta and Arabica, are freshly roasted,  grounded and brewed at Generation Coffee. Kenneth and partners were formerly trading coffee beans and started Generation Coffee stall just a month ago.

Brewing coffee with an espresso machine in a hawker centre was pioneered by Kopi More at Golden Mile hawker centre in 2017. The trend has since caught on and espresso coffee has become more common in Singapore hawker centres.


Kenneth said the vision of Generation Coffee is to bring different generations together with coffee. So there is unker kopi (Nanyang coffee), trendy hipster coffee and kiddy blends like Babycino.


I got myself a kopi C kosong - my usual. Generation Coffee serves a Robusta and Arabica blend for $1.60 which I feel is reasonable.


The kopi has nice body from the blended brew and also the evaporated milk. I don't recall any aroma (I wasn't too attentive). The taste was bitter-sourish with sweetness from milk. Caffeine kick wasn't jolting.

A nice cuppa though not quite a titillating delight yet. Kenneth said that they will constantly experiment with different blends, so I feel this new coffee joint is promising. Worth a try - a better bet than random generic kopi stalls that often serve ashy concoctions nowadays.


Restaurant name: Generation Coffee
Address: Tekka Centre, Buffalo Road, stall #01-321 BLK 665, Singapore 210665
Tel: +65 8891 2911
Hours: 7:00am - 3:00pm (Mon off)

Date visited: 24 Dec 2020

1 comment:

  1. Note: GC said they also supplied Coffee More but anyway the mix is different.
    Currently I prefer the mix at coffee more but it is out of my way so I just drink at GC whenever I am at tekka


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