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Chun Hui Asam Pedas Restoran Muar 全妃亞參魚(亞答屋)

On the way to Batu Pahat, we swung by Parit Kasim (near Parit Jawa), Muar for the obligatory asam pedas fish head. We picked Chun Hui Restoran which we had never been before. (Actually Chun Hui required a 45 minute diversion from Batu Pahat - thanks bro Kevin for the drive 🙏 )

Chun Hui is the street side kind of village eatery off Jalan Abdul Rahman.

Sun drying the main ingredient that goes into making asam pedas dishes - red chili pepper.

Chun Hui has two dining areas, both quite large and under rustic thatched atap, wood and zinc roofs which shielded us from rain and sun.

Quite comfortable and I like the kampung (village) atmospherics.

This photo of Sultan of Johor visiting Chun Hui proudly adorned the restaurant.

The food menu is on one page. All the signature dishes are on the right with pictures. There's asam pedas fish head, steamed fish fillet, braised stingray, sambal sotong, otak otak Muar, fried "dragon tongue" sole fish, and sambal sotong petai.

This black colour dish wasn't what I expected but the unusual looking braised stingray turned out to be the crowd favourite.

The stingray's flesh and skin were very soft and smooth. The cartilaginous bones were soft crunchy which I enjoyed chewing and eating. The dark sauce made with fermented black beans etc was savoury with traces of sweet. Quite robust yet it complemented the stingray's subtle natural sweetness well.

The sambal sotong petai was just nice for me because the flavourful umami savoury spicy sauce complemented the crunchy fresh squid and stinky beans well.

My favourite part of a squid 🤭

Ellone requested for 炸彈 / 蛋 a fried egg omelette because she like eggs dropped into hot oil. She likes to eat it with a drizzle of dark soy sauce 🥴

For our asam pedas dish, the Ikan Merah fish was very fresh, halved laterally. The asam pedas sauce was watery but rich with savoury sourish spicy sweet flavour in that order and intensity. We can also taste the natural sweetness of the fresh fish.

Nowadays, for head, between asam pedas and curry with coconut milk, I much prefer asam pedas. Can't indulge in too much oily, creamy coconut milk anymore at my age 😬

For the obligatory green, we picked stir fried sweet potato leaves which was also nicely done, preserving the vegetable's soft crunch and sweetness by complementing it with a savoury sauce.

I will surely swing by again. Prices look reasonable to me.

This interesting post by fellow blogger Pohkemon Food Dairy in 2012. Chun Hui hasn't changed much since then, which is a very good thing! 👈 Click


Restaurant name: Restoran Chun Hui 全妃亞參魚(亞答屋)

Address: PKB 23-A, Jalan Abdul Rahman, Parit Kasim, Muar, Johor

Tel: +6019 632 0555

Hours: 9:30am - 4pm

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Written by Tony Boey on 28 Dec 2023

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