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Vietnamese Drip Coffee @ Golden Mile Food Centre Stall #B1-38

One of my pet peeves about early brekky at Golden Mile Food Centre area is, there is no kopi that I like until Kopi More opens at around 11am 🙄

I can't live that long without coffee 😵‍💫

Buddy introduced me to his favourite but after trying a few times, it doesn't have that good morning jolt I need 😬

So, this morning I was excited when I saw that they have this new stall serving Vietnamese style drip coffee.

They have lots of things on their menu but for now, I just need coffee.

$1.60 a pop with milk. (If you have this in a restaurant in Singapore, even a simple one, it often comes close to $10 a cup after taxes and service fees are added.)

They just opened last month and they let you take the phin (filter) away to your own table.

(I took the whole contraption - phin and glass - back to the stall after I am done.)

Slowly and patiently let the black coffee trickle down into the small glass with condensed milk below.

The black coffee by itself is watery and slightly bitter. There's no added sugar.

Once stirred with condensed milk, it becomes that kick butt bitter sweet bolt of caffeine that we used to get in Vietnam. 

Love it.

I said "used to get" because actually, I got the impression that traditional Vietnamese phin dripped coffee is a vanishing culture even in Vietnam. (Quite sad.) I had a hard time looking for it during my last two Vietnam trips to Ho Chi Minh City and Hue. Most have "proudly" switched to modern espresso machines 🤷

It's a cultural shift, maybe because very few people in Vietnam now have either the time or patience for the coffee to drip, drop by drop.

Me? I love it.


Stall name: Vietnamese 

Address: 505 Beach Road, stall #B1-38, Singapore 199583 (inside Golden Mile Food Centre) Right beside the Thai chicken rice stall

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Lavender station

Hours: Breakfast Lunch

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Written by Tony Boey on 1 Dec 2023

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  1. Most Vietnamese coffee is same price for hot or cold, following the practice in Vietnam. Here, they charge more for iced, like Sg practice. Not wrong or right, just noted a difference. And will go try. For sure, especially as Lawrence’s Q is usually very long.

    And many restaurants like Moc Quan charge $5 a cup for Cà Phê Sữa Đá. Of course, more than $1.60…at $10 a cup, either you kena chop or you only drink in hotel or MBS high end restaurants.

  2. Look decent, like you having it in Vn. At this price is reasonable.

    I got the stainless steel dripper n Trung Nguyen coffee powder from Shopee or Lazada. I have never looked back.


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