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Golden Mile Teochew Fishball Noodles 黄金潮州鱼圆面

I wanted to try Golden Mile Teochew Fishball Noodles for a long time. It's either closed or sold out when I was there. So this morning, I got here before 8am and tried to catch it before my next scheduled activity at 11am.

The queue wasn't long but I waited at least 20 minutes for my turn. There's an invisible queue of bulk order dabao 打包 (takeaway) customers 😅

There were very pocket friendly $3 / $4 / $5 servings. I opted for the middle ground of $4 and requested for no additional noodle (carb). The stall holders were friendly and any frustration from the wait just evaporated like steam and disappeared.

I dipped into the hot soup first. It's nice! Just a blend of pure porcine and chye poh savoury sweetness with a trace of scallion.

On top of the mound of mee kia (my choice from a range of options) and chili sauce, there's prawn, fishballs, pork ball, fishcake and lean pork slices. Their lard croutons looked so fresh, I immediately asked for more which they happily obliged.

Today, auntie cooked the noodles a little soft and the water can be drained a little more. The sambal based savoury spicy lardy sauce was a little mild though well balanced. There was a trace of vinegar.

The fishballs were gently springy, quite moist inside and tasted slightly briny sweet. They were nice.

The prawn fresh and meaty, pork ball though factory made was tender and tasty, the tender pork slices were fresh and sweet.

They used to put char siew in the $4 bowl but not anymore. (Yeah, this is supposed to be fishball noodles.)

Seeing how beautiful the golden nuggets were, I asked for more lard. Ask and it shall be given.

The lard oil and croutons lifted the flavours and aroma quotient of the dish for me.

This is not the Wham! Bam! Blow your mind kind of fishball noodle. Overall, the taste was rather gentle but sufficiently tasty for me. The baseline bowl auntie served was comfortingly familiar and clean tasting. We can boost it to our taste by requesting for more sambal, more lard, more vinegar, etc.

I can foresee myself opting for Golden Mile Teochew Fishball Noodles for breakfast again when I am in the area early in the morning.


Stall name: Golden Mile Teochew Fishball Noodles 黄金潮州鱼圆面

Address: 505 Beach Road, stall #B1-47, Singapore 199583 (inside Golden Mile Food Centre)

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Lavender station

Hours: Breakfast Lunch

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Written by Tony Boey on 2 Dec 2023

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