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South Buona Vista Braised Duck · 99 Turns Duck Rice will Make its Final Turn on 7 Feb 2024 · 99弯鹵鸭

✍ 5 Dec 2023. Stumbled upon South Buona Vista Braised Duck Rice shop while stalking Desker Road (to write this history article lah). Fancy bumping into an old acquaintance, South Buona Vista Braised Duck in this unlikely place 🤭 Co-incidentally, buddy Nan suggested eating here too as he is also a fan.

Many people know South Buona Vista Braised Duck by its Chinese name 99弯鹵鸭 which means Ninety Nine Bends Braised Duck. The corner shop is at the bottom of almost literally 99 curvy bends or turns at the foot of Kent Ridge Park.

The shop lot eatery at Desker Road is bare bones inside. No air con, whirling ceiling fan, Spartan utilitarian furnishings but it is hyperlocal comfortable. I shall not spend too much effort describing the shop decor as Buona Vista Braised Duck will be closing soon on 7 Feb 2024. Yes, Buona Vista Braised Duck will be pulling down its shutters for the last time on that day. Doubling of rental makes it unsustainable to do traditional food business like braised duck here.

Buona Vista Braised Duck is now run by Ang Chiap Teck who had been SBVBD's head chef for 28 years (when he took over the legacy in 2013). His wife Lily Lim is third generation SBVBD.

Bouna Vista Braised Duck founded by Lim Ah Too in 1968 started in a seaside, beachfront shed. It became Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House at South Buona Vista Road. Three generations on, its a stellar reputation spread from Pasir Panjang / Kent Ridge to across the island. My late dad was a loyal fan.

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House closed in 2013 when Lim Ah Too retired, and Ang continued the legacy under the brand South Buona Vista Braised Duck. SBVBD stall moved to Sam Leong Road in 2013 and then here at Desker Road in 2021 i.e. two years ago.

Mr Ang and family come to the Desker Road shop at 4am to prepare the ducks which come fresh from Ipoh, Malaysia. Buona Vista Braised Duck uses meaty, at least 3kg weight birds for more tender meat and more flavour.

Three of us, we shared half a duck 🤭 I don't know how much this meal costs as it was Nan's treat 🙏

The duck was boneless, deboned being one of Buona Vista Braised Duck's trademarks. The meat was sliced relatively thick but it was not a problem as the flesh was soft-tender. The skin soft and smooth was quite thick. For duck, I like them thick skinned like this.

The soft-tender moist meat tasted sweet savoury but very little, if any duck gaminess. The skin was the same but the flavours were slightly more intense.

The soy sauce based sauce was dark and lightly starch thickened. It tasted salty savoury with traces of Chinese spices like cinnamon.

When three middle aged men eat duck together, liver, heart, gizzard, etc bathed in salty savoury Chinese spice sauce is a must 🤭

Obligatory egg, tofu, tau kwa, peanut.

Many people swear by this sourish spicy hot sauce.

I like this crunchy juicy sambal kang kong side dish because the spiciness and savoury saltiness is at the right intensity for me. Others may find it a little mild. I also like that SBVBD's rendition is not overly greasy.

Soft tofu and tau kwa in a mild sticky savoury sweet spicy sambal sauce. Garnished with fried shallot and scallion.

They have porridge which is very tasty when doused with savoury braising stock.

Yam rice with sauce. They also have plain white boiled rice.

Bumped into Lily and hubby who are long time fans of Buona Vista Braised Duck.

The Graeme family, two generations of Buona Vista Braised Duck fans. They tracked SBVBD from Pasir Panjang to Desker Road!

Fans of Buona Vista Braised Duck, your favourite braised duck stall is making its final turn soon (on 7 Feb 2024). Come and get it at Desker Road before it is all over.

I am asked which braised duck stall is close to SBVBD in taste and feel. Hollywood Braised Duck at Sims Vista comes to me mind.

Which others should be in the list for SBVBD fans?


Restaurant name:
South Buona Vista Braised Duck 99弯鹵鸭

Address: 81 Desker Rd, Singapore 209604

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Jalan Besar station

Tel: 9860 5359

Hours: 10:30 am - 6 pm (Thurs off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 5 Dec 2023

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  1. Yes! Hollywood is next on my list for similar braised sauce! Brown abit starchy & not the diluted black super saltish kind!

  2. one of the better ones around, including the former long house duck rice.... sure hope to make one more trip there before they retire

  3. Sad to see this duck rice place go!

  4. Previously eating almost every week when they are in 99w, but since the brother moved to Sam Leong, the duck was no longer the same anymore. Anyone tried and is still the same?

  5. Wow. My last times ate was at the along SBVR times them. Classical feel.

  6. Never knew they moved so far from SBV where they were previously at. Love their “lor ark”, spare parts and especially the gravy. Many tried to copy cat the gravy but just fall short. Will try to pay a visit there before they close for good.

  7. The last meal before my ah gong went for his pancreas ops. He really wanted to eat but pain. One of his favorite restaurant.

  8. Singapore best braised duck!

  9. Princess Elijah Tay8 December 2023 at 13:04

    Want to eat lor duck go Redhill mkt morning from 7am onwards till 11am. Go late no more. Also the best of the best..

  10. one of the better ones around, including the former long house duck rice.... sure hope to make one more trip there before they retire


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