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Saha KSK Roti Canai Lido @ Johor Jaya Square Jalan Dedap 14 丽都煎饼

This is one of my occasional breakfast places in JB.

It's not going to blow many minds but hey this is simple, comfort staple food, a blessing we can enjoy and appreciate everyday. Nevertheless, this is the favourite roti canai stall of many people in Johor and is one of mine too.

This morning like most mornings, the food court hidden near the Johor Jaya wet market was busy and Saha Lido Roti Canai was the only stall opened. (Roti canai is, of course, the Malaysian version of what we in Singapore call roti prata.)

Boss Saharrudin or Saha for short has been running the roti canai stall with his wife and helpers for 31 years since 1992. Besides roti canai, Saha also serves lontong, nasi lemak, etc.

I got myself my usual of a kosong and one bawang (with onion). Didn't order tea (teh) as most stalls make them too sweet for me.

The kosong bread was light, crisp, stretchy, slightly chewy, not overly greasy and had a subtle cream cracker type of wheat flour taste. 

I like. (My pet peeve with Johor roti canai is they often use margarine and can be overly greasy. No such issue here at Saha.)

The dhal was nice. Hot (I dislike cold dhal), sweet spicy especially with that added sambal which packed quite a spicy punch. The dhal also had additional sweetness and umami from anchovy in the sambal.

I ordered the bawang one just for variety (no point having two kosong mah). This bawah is good, as Saha uses just enough onion to get that juicy crunch and onion flavour without sacrificing much, if any crispness.

Roti and dhal, the perfect pair.

Saha allows self service of dhal and sambal.

Total bill for my pleasing two roti breakfast came to a grand RM3.30.

I am happy and content 🙏 I am off to another great day 🌞


Stall name: Saha KSK · Lido Roti Canai

Address: Taman Johor Jaya, Jalan Dedap 14, 81100 Johor Bahru

Tel: +6019 728 2069

Hours: 7am - 1pm (Sun off) Sometimes sold out by 11am

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Written by Tony Boey on 4 Dec 2023

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