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EmSphere Sleepless Gastronomic World · Bangkok's Newest Foodie Hotspot

EmSphere, the atmosphere in Bangkok's newest gastronomic Mecca is simply striking. Colourful, great vibes, and lots of food choices from local to international.

EmSphere just opened on 1st Dec 2023.

Once into the mall, a live music performance greeted visitors. The band was belting out Christmas songs, setting the tone for the holiday feasting atmospherics.

There are nearly one hundred food and beverage stalls and restaurants at EmSphere. Local delights and international cuisine are well represented by EmSphere.

I surveyed the hundred food shops. Come! Let's take a walk around EmSphere together, so you know what to expect when you come.

At the ground floor / street level, there are international cuisine and many popular local brands like Charoen Gang which serve curries and traditional Thai dishes with rice.

Charaen gang serve many traditional Thai delights like this hor mok or steamed spiced fish and coconut milk custard in banana leaf.

Fatt chicken rice

Thai style chicken rice is basically Hainanese but with Thai and Teochew influence as seen in the sour spicy lime and chili sauce laced with tau cheo (savoury fermented soy bean).

Traditional Thai fried street food.

King of Beef Noodle.

Buy your food and enjoy it in this food court. Yesterday, many people came to find out what EmSphere offers.

More places to sit down to enjoy your food and drink.

Bear House.

This shop is called Mont Blanc and they serve matcha flavour noodles over ice cream. Customers "make their noodles" which just involves pulling down a lever.

Long queue at the Naixue tea ice stand.

Brassica Doughnuts 

Maji Curry.

About Toast by Wabi's.

Many of the restaurants like Charbon grilled seafood have their own exclusive seating.

Panetti Pizza. Freshly kneaded and baked right there at EmSphere.

When I said you can come to Bangkok, eat and lose weight, I think no one believed me 😆

DJ playing catchy Christmas songs to set the mood for the season.

On the upper level, it's international cuisine like Hachicken Kyoto Ramen.

An Com An Ca Vietnamese cuisine.

Rin Taro.


Coffee Beans.

Coffee lovers are spoilt for choice.

Happy Pig is a Korean BBQ specialising in pork. Very popular. Long queue waiting for tables.

The Matcha Tokyo.

Yuzu Suki.

Kogoro Katsu.

The Spotted Pig as the name suggests is a pork specialist.

Acai Story. Premium fresh fruits and superfood desserts.

Fa Pla Than famous fish noodle and porridge.

So foodies, you got a new playground in Bangkok! 😋

Please share your experience with these food stalls and restaurants by leaving a comment. Thank you!

Emsphere Sleepless Gastronomic World

Address: 628 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Nearest BTS: 5 minutes walk from Phrom Phong station

Hours: 10am - 12 midnight

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Written by Tony Boey on 18 Dec 2023

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