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Manmila Nasi Lemak Panas · Kulai Bukit Batu

We don't know how we ended up in Kulai, but here we are 😅

We were all thinking aloud, brainstorming about where to eat as the car rolled north from JB towards Kulai. Meanwhile, heavy dark rain clouds gathered overhead 😅🌦

KK said there is a nasi lemak place in Bukit Batu, Kulai that is trending red hot, hotter than the old Kulai nasi lemak stalwarts Wak Kentut and Yellow Corner.


So, we just had to go and check it out!

We managed to reach Man Mila Nasi Lemak as it began to pour 😄 So lucky!

Man Mila Nasi Lemak is the hyperlocal atmospherics type of place I prefer when I travel, even in nearby Johor.

At Man Mila, there is always a queue now. The good thing is the fried stuff are always scathing hot off the wok but we have to wait while they fry. That's buddy Jason who showed us around Kulai and treated us at Man Mila 🙏

We just had two portions to share among five of us as this was our fifth food stop of today's impromptu, anyhow food trail 😅 I can already feel I am half a kilo heavier 🤣

The fried chicken was crisp outside though inside it was barely moist, almost dry. 

There wasn't much infused marination flavour nor much natural chicken sweet taste.

The grilled chicken was more moist, had more spice flavour in its marinated tender meat. I prefer this over their fried chicken.

Love the fried sotong (squid) rings because they were thick, tender and meaty, and encased in crisp golden brown batter.

The runny egg yolk was done just nice, in my opinion.

Rice was the starchy type, slightly overdone but it was likeable due to its savoury saltiness and coconut milk sweetness. It was also not overly greasy.

The sambal was nice - sweet, anchovy savoury and moderately spicy. I like this sambal.

Don't think I will plan a trip to Bukit Batu around Man Mila but if I am already coming to Kulai, I would consider stopping here to enjoy the atmospherics and experience a favourite among locals.

Restaurant name: Manmila Nasi Lemak Panas

Address: Lot 596, 2, Jalan Raya Kampung Melayu, Bukit Batu, 81000 Kulai, Johor

Tel: +6016 719 7768

Hours: 7am - 4pm (Fri off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 7 Dec 2023

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