Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Seng Kee Curry Sah Hor Fun 成记咖哩河粉 in Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Seng Kee 成记 is a humble wontan noodles and hor fun stall set inside the popular Kee Kim Huat kopitiam 纪金发茶餐室 in Taman Sri Tebrau. What caught my attention at Seng Kee was their chicken curry sah hor fun 沙河粉, yes, sah hor fun doused in robust chicken curry - uniquely Johor!

Look at Ah Seng's mop of permed hair that belies his creative nature :)

This unique curry sah hor fun 沙河粉 is the boss, Ah Seng's 亞成  creation. Ah Seng who is originally from Ipoh, started as a sah hor fun hawker 39 years ago. One day, years ago, Ah Seng 亞成 experimented with adding curry to his Ipoh sah hor fun and voila, the uniquely delicious curry and sah hor fun fusion was born.

Ah Seng's sah hor fun 沙河粉 are specially made to his exact specifications for his curry fusion

Seng Kee's sah hor fun is broad and thin, and had that fresh rice fragrance.

The hor fun was soaked in chicken curry that was not too spicy, just a slight pleasant sting and a delicate balance of sweetness and savouriness. The sah hor fun sheets absorbed some and combined with the curry gravy very well.

The chicken curry combined with the smooth sah hor fun in such a way that brought out both the rice fragrance and spicy aroma. Yummy.

The chunk of curry chicken was sweet and nicely spicy too.

Seng Kee's chicken curry sah hor fun is a unique and tasty light breakfast.

Give Ah Seng's 亞成 curry sah hor fun a try. There may be imitations of this invented in JB dish elsewhere, but nothing beats eating the original curry sah hor fun where it was created and personally prepared by it's creator, Ah Seng 亞成.

Restaurant name: Seng Kee 成记 inside Kee Kim Huat coffee shop 纪金发茶餐室
Address: 80, Jalan Badik, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.487037,103.768782
Hours: 6:00am to 11:00am (the chicken curry often runs out by 09:30) (closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 25 July 2012, 5 Sep 2012

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  1. I have eaten there for sbout 30 years. Yes, indeed the curry is very good, though I prefer the noodle version to the hor fun version. Should give that a try as well.

    1. OK I shall the noodle version next :D

  2. I would recommend you try the prawn noodle, especially the soup one in Kee Kim Huat coffee shop. Believe me, you will never forget its flavor after that.


  3. I think the prawn noodle hawker has moved to another coffee shop quite a few years ago.

    1. Are they the ones at PP Corner? I heard alot of good things about this Pinang prawn mee.

    2. What PP Corner? They had moved to the shop directly behind Kee Kim Huat kopitiam, but I am not sure if they are there anymore.

    3. Hi City Mouse, I found him :P He is still there. PP Corner is now two shoplots combined. They have tore down the middle dividing wall. The famous Prawn mee uncle is still there :D

  4. not sure if this is really INVENTED in jb... coz KL got curry chee cheong fun, curry wan tan min, curry yong tau foo etc etc but i guess if we're splitting hairs... curry hor fun is not any of the foods i mentioned ;p

  5. I hv eaten there for almost 30yrs too. But frankly speaking, d curry isn't that good compare to yrs before. However, it is still my n my family favourite breakfast! ^^


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