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Closed - Bountiful Blessings Seafood at Taman Megah Ria in Johor Bahru 祝福满满海鲜餐馆


I visited Bountiful Blessings Seafood Restaurant 祝福满满海鲜餐馆 at Taman Megah Ria at the invitation of Edwin, the owner.

Bountiful Blessings restaurant is a simple neighbourhood corner zhi char 煮炒 shop. The clean and homely zhi char 煮炒 shop is spacious and breezy as it is not far from the coast at Senibong.

The head chef Ah Loy hails from Perak in a small town near Ipoh. Ah Loy has nearly twenty years of experience and many years in the kitchen of banquet halls. With his background, Ah Loy is bringing banquet hall dishes to the friendly neighbourhood zhi char 煮炒 shop.

东坡肉 RM25

Edwin started us off with this tender, savoury braised belly pork 东坡肉. The tender meat, fat and skin still have a nice bit of bite - it is not that "about to melt" type of softness.

咸蛋螃蟹 600 grams RM70

Next up was the live Sri Lankan crabs cooked with salted egg yoke 咸蛋螃蟹.


Our 600 gram Sri Lankan crab came with a pair of respectable size, meaty claws.


Edwin picked a crab with roe for us. It was really very tasty. Ah Loy did a great job with the salted egg crab. The savouriness from the salted egg yoke complemented the fresh juicy crab meat well. (In many places, the assertive flavour of the salted egg yoke overwhelms the subtle sweetness of good crab meat. But, not here at Bountiful Blessings - kudos to Ah Loy.)

一品锅 RM35

一品锅 an overflowing pot of braised mushrooms, shellfish slices, clams, sea cucumber, scallops, and fish maw garnished with broccoli.

Bountiful Blessings-Seafood-Taman-Megah-Ria-Johor-Bahru

Bountiful Blessings restaurant uses premium Chinese black mushroom in their 一品锅. The thick spongy mushroom which has it's own lovely aroma and flavour was saturated with the savoury braising sauce. No wonder premium Chinese black mushrooms are such a sought after delicacy.

咖喱鱼头 RM32

The curry fish head 咖喱鱼头 made with fresh Ikan Merah was garnished with lots of crunchy cabbage, long beans, and egg plant. The mildly spicy and slightly sweet curry was quite thick and lemak. I was slurping up spoonfuls of curry as I like it's spice aromas and mild spiciness.

铁板三鲜 RM50

铁板三鲜 three types of seafood, namely shrimps, squid and fish grilled in asam pedas sambal.


Something for ikan bakar fans. The prawns, sotong and fish were grilled in Bountiful Blessings' own tangy, sweet and spicy sambal.

水果虾球 RM50

This unphotogenic heap is the 水果虾球 -  fried battered prawns garnished with shredded fruits like mangoes and jambu with fried potatoes "hairs"


The mayonnaise dip was very delicious. The dip has a refreshing fruity taste and a silky smooth creamy texture. I was enjoying spoonfuls of the tasty dip like a liquid custard.


There were traces of Ah Loy's old habits. Whenever Ah Loy has the time, he couldn't help but garnish the dishes with cute little fruit and vegetable carvings from his banquet chef days.

Ah Loy shared that when he is free, he likes to potter around the kitchen and experiment with sauces, dips and make ingredients from scratch.

Bountiful Blessings Seafood is a typical family oriented zhi char 煮炒 restaurant. Families can enjoy tasty, well prepared banquet type dishes here at reasonable prices.


Restaurant name: Bountiful Blessings Seafood Restaurant 祝福满满海鲜餐馆
Address: 1, Jalan Kempas 16, Taman Megah Ria, Masai, Johor (near Chee Tong Primary School)
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/FGvDV
GPS: 1.490373,103.849028
Hours: 11:00am to 10:30pm (closed on alternate Weds)
Non Halal

Date visited: 20 Jan 2014

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  1. MAY i have this rest.. contact no ?

  2. You gotta visit Penang and try the large variety of yummy food here! There are plenty of cafes' and restaurant in Penang which are worthwhile to visit. Those cafes are now a new symbol in Georgetown. There are few with heritage interior design and great ambiance. =) Other than that, hawker is what you never gonna miss!

  3. Visited Bountiful Blessings last night (Monday, 17thMarch) with my wife and daughter on Kaki's recommendation. Wanted to try their Dong Po Pork, but they told me they didn't prepare it, so that was the first disappointment.

    Ordered the Braised Mix Seafood (一品锅 ) priced at RM35 on the account of the above photo and purported ingredients; but this was a total let down. The only promise delivered was the price; no clams, no scallops; only 6 tiny pieces (1inch x 1inch x 0.25inch) of naphthalene smelling fish maw and sea cucumber.

    Ordered the Egg Yolk Crab, it was good but puny for a 500gram crab that was not weigh in my presence. The price: RM60.

    Overall a horrible experience.

    First and last time for us!


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