Sunday, 4 June 2017

Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted. Wanton Mee @ Shunfu Mart 富市传统烧腊


I was in Manila when buddy Aaron posted an obscene picture of his favourite lusciously glazed char siew from Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted. Wanton Mee stall. I couldn't resist such char siew and so we arranged to meet up the every next morning, the night I arrived back in Singapore.


A steady queue had already formed when we arrived at the stall at 10:30am. I was still drowsy from the previous day's travel 😂


The stall owner Mr Ang was fully focused on serving his long line of waiting customers.


Uncle Bob joined us for lunch. (We took this picture after eating and the queue had cleared.)

Uncle Bob has long been a supportive fan of Fu Shi Roasted stall. Not long after Mr. Ang left his taxi driving job to start his stall in 2009, Uncle Bob and Mr. Ang went on long trips together to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur to learn what makes good roasts.


With lessons learnt from his study trips, Mr Ang fine tuned his recipes and technique - the results which we can taste with every bite of his charcoal roasted meats.

So, what did Uncle Bob get out of this, for all his efforts? Uncle Bob is a passionate food lover - the pleasure of finding and enjoying good food is reward enough.... it's pure and simple, and that is all there is to it.


Mr Ang chops the slabs of pork belly into bite size strips like piano keys.


The skin was crackly crisp like buttery biscuit. You can hear the crispy skin shatter as you sink your teeth through it, crushing the browned crust. The fat was tender and juicy, and has natural porky sweetness underlying the mildly savoury marination. The lean meat portion is mildly savoury and still have some chew to the bite i.e. just the right texture. Mr Ang told me that he uses fresh pork to make his roasts - it costs more but it tastes better.


The char siew felt like a tender melty sticky marshmallow between my pair of chopsticks. We asked for the fatty cut - the char siew has a caramel glint outside, while inside it is tender and juicy though not as moist and tender as the benchmark in KL. There is still a little bit of chew to the bite which is preferred by many char siew lovers here. It has a good balance of sweet and savoury flavours, whereas those in KL tend to lean on the sweeter side. This balanced profile is again more attuned to Singapore palates.

Uncle Bob, Aaron and many buddies are huge fans of Fu Shi's char siew. Personally, I have a sweet tooth and so is biased towards the sweeter KL style taste profile.


We also had roast duck. The meat was tender and juicy, the skin was slightly crisp and there wasn't much fat (I like more fat in my ducks). The savoury marination and natural duck taste were mild.


👉Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted. Wanton Mee stall has a strong following and is popular for their char siew, siew yok (sio bak) and roast duck. The textures and flavours are all set at medium and thus appeal to many people. Personally, I like Fu Shi's fatty cut of char siew and the crackly-tender-juicy siew yok here.

Our meal which included siew yok, char siew, roast duck, roast chicken and rice costs SG$29.50.

Uncle Bob told me that Fu Shi's wanton mee is very good but available only on weekdays - that just means that I will be back very soon. Char siew wanton mee is one of my top favourite comfort food 😋

(Note: Shunfu Mart Food Centre is closed for maintenance from 5 Jun to 16 Jun 2017.)


Restaurant name: Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted. Wanton Mee 富市传统烧腊
Address: Stall #02-25 Shunfu Mart Food Centre, 320 Shunfu Road, Singapore
GPS1°21'07.6"N 103°50'14.1"E | 1.352108, 103.837242
Tel: 9237 8157
Hours: 9:00am to 1:30pm (best times are from 11:00am onwards) (Mon & Tues off)

Non Halal

Date: 4 Jun 2017

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  1. Indeed, the char siew there is nice. But at S$50/kg, think I'd rather buy from Fei Fei at JE or Leong Wei at Holland Dr:-)

    1. yes yes one of my top fav is Fei Fei of Jurong. I will visit Leong Wei too. Thank you Joe for your tip off.

  2. The stall is now vacated. I wonder where they have moved to.

  3. The stall has closed. No idea where it had moved to.

  4. Their new location updates can be found on their FB


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