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Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company in NYC New York

"If you haven't got a Brooklyn hand made bagel, you ain't living".

New Yorkers are proud of and have strong feelings about their bagels.


Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company is a popular bagel mini chain in New York.


Inside Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company's flagship shop in Chelsea, the decor and arrangements were functional, just like most modern eatery chains. Customers can sit at tables or at the ledge. Not much rustic feel, just a convenient place for a quick bite.


I like it that despite it's contemporary feel, Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company still makes their bagels fresh in the shop using the old way of hand rolling the dough, boiling the bagels, and baking them.


Nowadays, besides the classic cream cheese spreads, bagel shops offer a wide variety of spreads just like ice cream or gelato parlours. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company too serves a wide range of fancy spreads.


My "everything" bagel that has all the different seed toppings.

The counter staff will ask customers if they would like to toast their bagels. Today, I ordered mine without toasting (as usual).


I was dazzled by the wide range of spreads and so decided to try something other than the safe classics. Not knowing which spread to choose, I opted for "Flavour of the Week" roasted almonds and herb.

The featured spread was chilled, sweetish with a light, refreshing minty, herbal flavour somewhat like menthol. Interesting but I still prefer the traditional creamy, mildly savoury sweet spreads.


Brooklyn's bagel was larger than average. It had a lightly crisped and browned skin like any good bagel but the inside was slightly less dense. The bagel was chewy but required less jaw effort than other bagels.

I like this lighter bagel as I found some traditional bagels a bit too stiff and chewy for my liking.

Oh... where did I get that quote at the start of this post?

It's from this fascinating video by the Brooklyn Public Library showing how bagels were made in old Brooklyn.

Another interesting video, this time an interview with Peter, co-founder of Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company. A promotional video, but I believe Peter spoke from the heart.


Restaurant name: Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company
Address286 8th Avenue #1, NYC, New York (between 24th and 25th Street, Chelsea)
Hours: 6:30 am to 10:00 pm

Date visited: 11 Dec 2014

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