Tuesday, 23 December 2014

DOUGH Doughnut in NYC New York

Today, we went on a New York City doughnut trail in search of the best of that sweet holed dough in the Big Apple.


DOUGH was high on our eat list as it was one of the most popular doughnut shops in New York City.


There was always a line at DOUGH. There was only one large heavy wood table and some chairs - seats for about 15 people. No bathroom for customers.

Most customers were shoppers coming in for a quick takeaway snack while shopping at Fifth and Sixth Avenue, and around Flatiron.

A large, freshly fried DOUGH doughnut is certainly a delicious option for shopaholics with no time to stop for food.


There were about 10 different flavours of large doughnuts on the shelves, all freshly made in the huge busy kitchen visible behind the cashier/ counter.

This was the good ol sugar dusted classic doughnut.


I am a "slight savoury balanced with light sweetness" type of eater, so I opted for this Dulce de Leche for my first try of DOUGH doughnuts.

I also like food with a nutty taste and crunch.


Soft, fluffy and bouncy inside with a slight crisp on the well fried browned outside. DOUGH was also very generous with the nut toppings.


Love DOUGH's Dulce de Leche.


For my second doughnut, I tried the Hibiscus doughnut suggested by my new New York City friend Mattia Pasquini.

This doughnut is big and bright red like a cheerful Washington apple.

The red lipstick colour is made with Mexican hibiscus flowers.


The eggy tasting fluffy bread was balanced with a light sweet citrusy hibiscus glaze.

I am not a fan of tartness in my food but this doughnut was still likable to me as it was well balanced with mild sweetness from the bouncy bread.


As I was leaving, the same long line, with different people (of course). The queue cleared fast though, so waiting time was around 10 minutes at most. The staff were friendly, helpful and quick.

Next time, DOUGH's popular Salted Chocolate Caramel.


Restaurant name: DOUGH
Address: 14 West 19th Street, NYC, New York (between Fifth and Sixth Ave at Flatiron district)
Hours: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Date visited: 19 Dec 2014

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