Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lady M Cake Boutique in NYC New York

Ever since falling in love on my first bite of a mille crepe cake in Johor Bahru, I had always wanted to try it at New York City's Lady M Confections where the craze all started.


Today, I had my wish come true and I was not disappointed at all :-D


Stepping inside Lady M Cake Boutique, the space was small and narrow, the furnishings minimalist cool. The white themed cake boutique felt classy. On one side were the pretty cakes displayed on a narrow long counter, and alongside the wall, small tables and chairs.


There were several types of cakes on display. This was the classic mille crepe cake.


The Mount Blanc and Eclair.


Customers can buy Lady M Cakes in slices.


I requested for a slice of Green Tea Mille Crepe. USD8 (before tax and tips). 


The mille crepe cake was made by laying thin egg crepe and airy cream in 20 plus layers, one over another.


The green tea dust on the topmost layer.


Pressing that fork down gently, I could feel the layers of crepe softly snapping under the fork.


The cake was rich but felt light. The creamy layers were airy yet had the right firmness, not greasy or mushy. The cake was flavourful but the flavours were light and well balanced. The cake had just the right sweetness and I can taste and smell the green tea.

I enjoyed the cake to the last mouthful.

If you love mille crepe, Lady M is a Must Try.

Next time, I'll also try out the Lady M cheesecakes.


Restaurant name: Lady M Cake Boutique

Address: 41 East 78th Street, NYC, New York
Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Date visited: 17 Dec 2014

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  1. i wonder how does this compare to the Singapore version because i was honestly not impressed with the cloying nature of the local renditions.

    1. I haven't tried the Singapore one. This one in NYC wasn't overly sweet. I don't feel "jelak" (nausea) at all. Could eat a second one straightaway but gotta go to next location for food hunt.


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