Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Parisi Bakery in NYC New York

After two weeks in New York City, I finally rediscovered my primeval food hunting instincts.


Prowling along Mott Street on a chilly afternoon, I spotted this line outside Parisi Bakery. I've learnt by now that if there is a line in the cold, and the people don't look like wide eyed tourists - stop, check it out.


Inside Parisi Bakery, it looked like any ordinary mom and pop type of deli. Except for a couple of small old black and white pictures, Parisi Bakery had none of those loud posed photos of celebrities that plastered most tourist traps.


It just felt like the same neighbourhood bakery we have at our own homes where we go to for fresh bread. I soon felt comfortable and at home.


The 3rd generation owner, Adrienne Parisi was serving and bantering with customers with passion and cheer.

Don't be fooled by the humble, ordinary looking bakery, the unassuming owners, or the neighbourhood folks inside. The everyday scene inside Parisi Bakery belie the fact that this Italian bakery is one of the oldest businesses in the city, founded in 1903 - that's 111 years ago! (as at 2014).

During it's long, illustrious history, Parisi Bakery counted among it's regulars, the legendary Frank Sinatra.


I asked for Parisi's signature "Dennis" sandwich.

The sandwich was made fresh a la minute.

Parisi Bakery is a deli for take away only. There are no seats inside. So, I took my "Dennis" home and ate it about 2 hours later.


Between the "hero" loaf were chicken cutlets, prosciutto (dry cured ham), fresh mozzarella cheese, juicy tomato, balsamic vinegar and pesto.


This foot long submarine costs slightly after USD11 (after tax). This is a very good deal in this city.


One "Dennis" can feed two people comfortably.


The bread was just the right texture. Eating the bread and ingredients in one big bite yielded a mix of textures from slightly crispy bread crust and chicken cutlet batter to chewy mozzarella, tender dense chicken breast and juicy tomato. The flavours was a delicious balanced blend of tangy, sweet and savoury with herbal notes.

I liked this "Dennis".


There are lots of good reasons to make a trip to Parisi Bakery - it's got history as one of the oldest businesses in the grand city. Frank Sinatra fans can visit one of the legend's old favourite haunts. Foodies can enjoy Italian old school breads still slow baked using the original brick ovens, and everyone can appreciate great value here which is hard to beat in NYC.

Next time.

An Italian Combo sandwich with roasted peppers and garlic ;-D


Parisi Bakery is in NoLiTa or North of Little Italy. It is highly accessible and easy to locate at the junction of Mott Street and Kenmare Street.

Restaurant name: Parisi Bakery (the Deli)

Address198 Mott St, NYC, New York
Hours: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: (212)-226-6378, (212) 460-8750

Date visited: 8 Dec 2014

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