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NY Dosas in NYC New York Washington Square Park

Johor Kaki Facebook fan Murugesh tipped me off about a dosa food cart in New York City and suggested that I give it a try. Thank you, Murugesh ;-D


NY Dosas truck is located at Washington Square Park at the junction of West 4th Street and Sullivan Street. It's just a stone's throw from New York University (NYU).


So, on a beautiful Boxing Day morning I walked 30 minutes from the Financial District to Washington Square Park. It was a surprisingly bright and sunny December day, so the walk was a breeze.


The park honours George Washington, the USA's first President.


The Washington Memorial Arch, made of marble, was built in 1892.

Washington Square Park is a little idyllic oasis in the electric City of New York. The City is dotted with little neighbourhood parks like this, plus one giant green lung, the legendary Central Park.

A great day doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. It just takes quality time playing fetch with your best friend.


The park flows with beautiful, inspired creative energy.


Children can have a lot of fun without going to expensive commercial theme parks.


I spotted NY Dosas food cart easily.


NY Dosas is run by Thiru Kumar.

Thiru hails from Sri Lanka and had worked as a driver and mechanic in NYC before starting NY Dosas in 2001. That was 13 years ago.

Thiru was never in the food business. With just experience in his kitchen at home and his grandmother's recipes, Thiru just winged it and gave it his best shot. All that hard work and perseverance is paying off. NY Dosas won the Vendy Awards for the best food cart in NYC in 2007. Food writers from out of state and from as far as France, UK, China and Japan sought him out. Thiru's daughter is now studying in Ivy League Columbia University in New York City.

It's a classic American immigrant success story.

NY Dosas serves sadha dosa, rava dosa, masala dosa, uthappam and Thiru's own creation, the Pondicherry Dosa. Every dosa is freshly made personally by Thiru in that tiny cart. 

NY Dosas' menu is vegan (all plant and vegetable ingredients only).


Thiru making a Pondicherry Dosa which is a lentil and rice crepe filled with curried potatoes and fresh vegetables like lettuce, onions and carrots.


Thiru is proud of everything he serves and is always smiling.


My Styrofoam box of dosa, uthappam, sambar, chutney and samosa looked like a colourful Christmas present.


Enjoying NY Dosas like a local on a park bench and didn't realise that I was joined by these buddies until I saw this picture.

I don't mind ;-D

I had to eat pretty fast as the food cooled down fast at 5º C outside temperature.

I love it that Thiru's dosas are made with fresh ingredients and not greasy at all. NY Dosas serves vegan food only. It's a healthful option. Thiru also gives customers options of levels of spiciness - just let Thiru know how much sting you like on your tongue ;-p  I told Thiru that I am from Singapore and he knows how much we like our food super hot as he has family in our sunny island ;-D


I love this huge samosa (USD2) choked full of mildly spicy curried potatoes and some peas. It's perfect for pick up and go.


Restaurant name: NY Dosas
Address: T-junction of West 4th Street & Sullivan Street (at Washington Square Park), NYC, New York
Hours: 11.00 am to 4.00 pm (Closed on Sunday)

Date visited: 26 Dec 2014

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