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Friday, 14 October 2016

Foreword to Johor Kaki Book on Street and Heritage Food in Johor


Today (14 Oct 2016), we held our first public distribution of our 150 page full colour book Find Dining with Johor Kaki featuring 100 JB hawkers. It was held at EH HE Cafe at the historic Jalan Tan Hiok Nee - JB's "Culture Street". Over 300 people from Johor and Singapore attended the event - thank you for your support.

Many people have told us that they are unable to attend today's event due to personal commitments. Please be assured that we will be holding more public distribution events and will announce the details on our social media channels once it is available.



This is the foreword of the book sharing how it came about and what it is about.



First and foremost, thank you for picking up this booklet as it means that you are interested in Johor food :-D  

People who live in or visit Johor know that the state has a lot of delicious food to offer. For centuries, people from North and South, East and West meet in Johor. Many good things come out of this meeting of peoples - among them is Johor's unique, rich food culture and heritage.  

Johor Kaki blog which I started with my first post on 20 Dec 2011 was originally just to keep personal notes on the good food that I've tasted in Johor. Thanks to the Internet, Johor Kaki blog soon became an easy online reference for everyone to locate Johor's heritage hawkers and eateries - though it is still about my personal experiences.


Through Johor Kaki blog, I met many good friends from Johor, Singapore and beyond who share the same passion for Johor food. We meet online and in person to enjoy Johor food together. It's from such eating and teh tarik sessions that the friends from publisher MAGistrate and I came up with the idea of this little booklet.  

The aim of this booklet is to provide a convenient pocketable reference that is independent of battery power and Internet connection. The purpose is for more people to enjoy Johor food, hence it is distributed free of charge. This gift is made possible, thanks to MAGistrate and developer UMLand for sponsoring the significant production and printing costs.


Obviously with limitations of a small booklet like this, the street and heritage food featured here are just a small fraction of the eateries covered in Johor Kaki blog. More street and heritage food are in Johor Kaki blog as a few more eateries are added to the blog every week when I visit them one by one.


Johor Kaki blog is really a community effort. Most of the food featured are recommendations of Johor friends and Johor Kaki readers. This is a labour of love - non of the eateries in this booklet or in Johor Kaki blog paid money to be featured.

My friends from MAGistrate and I have been working on this booklet for one year to make sure that the information is accurate and up to date.  

Food business is very dynamic, changing all the time. Whenever possible, I will update any changes in the Johor Kaki blog. When using this booklet, my suggestion is to refer to Johor Kaki blog by scanning the QR code before setting off to an eatery, in case there is a change in address or business hours.

Mr Foong, JB's most famous oh chien master is here :-D

Last and most important, this booklet is our humble tribute to the hawkers of Johor who through their hard work and dedication provide us such delicious food that brings people together.


May we wish you happy eating and please share with us your discoveries on where to eat in Johor. Write to me by leaving your comments on this post.    

Thank you :-D

Date: 14 Oct 2016  

Photos with permission from MAGistrate.

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  1. We really appreciate this generous gift from you, Tony together with MAGistrate & UMLand. Imagine the effort & time you spent in front of the computer to get your write-ups documented besides the financial aspect of getting around & paying for your own food. You are simply awesome! (Pn Chong LH)

  2. Thanks Johorkaki for all the effort in uncovering Johor food. Hope this has not been too much of a strain on your pocket. Crossing the customs day in day out can be quite a hefty expense! The food prices are reasonable though...

  3. Great thumbs up for sharing generously. I follow your blog regularly. Very passionate at what you are doing and great reviews. Keep up the great job Tony! Regards

  4. I got a feeling you will be conferred a Datukship very soon.

    1. Thank you for your kind thought. There are many more deserving people. I am just eating and sharing simple notes, and appropriately should stay in the background. the focus is rightfully on the hawkers. hence, i opted to use a caricature instead of a photo of myself in the book. the idea is, everyone of us can be a "Johor Kaki" who spread the good word about good hawkers. wish you happy eating and sharing :-D

  5. Thank you Johorkaki! This is amazing! There's nothing better than the product of labor of love. I, and I'm sure many others like me really appreciate what you do, driven only my passion and curiosity. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Tony

    Where can I get this printed colour book?

  7. Johor Kaki Food Guide? It's very awesome, Mr. Tony.... With this book, many people can find delicious food in Johor Bahru. Is this book ready for sale or free edition? Where i can find your book in Johor Bahru? because i always read your blog, and have found many recommendation from it. Great job..!!!

  8. It's awesome Mr. Tony.... I've always read your blog, and found many recommendation food while i am in Johor Bahru. Did your book is ready for sale or just a limited free edition? Where i can buy or get your book in Johor Bahru? Thank you very much


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