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SUMO Big Prawn Noodle - Guest Post by Singapore Ah Seng ⭐⭐⭐✱✱


It's all brudder Carelairfare's fault lah - post those food porn of SUMO Big Prawn Noodle. So, today I buay tahan (cannot resist) have to make an unplanned trip on a rainy morning to Ang Mo Kio Blk 628 food centre to satisfy my craving.

Disclaimer: Any word you catch no ball (don't understand), can check Oxford Singlish dictionary. Any mishap from reading Ah Seng's review, find him. Don't say Johor Kaki hor.....


I came down here an hour before lunch to siam (avoid) the expected queue but sian (tired) lor.....there still got some 10 people ahead of me. I thought I very kiasu liao but anyway... this is Singapore lah...

Then hor, I bumped into Aaron. Can't say I was surprised lah - I thought I might bump into him at SUMO Big Prawn and sure enough, there he was. You see, Aaron lives around the corner and was one of the first people to post those now infamous illegal pictures of SUMO big prawns. I think he big prawn noodle seow liao (mad). He got tabao (take away) for his wife some more. So sweet, right?


No need to say, the towkay (boss) Desmond and the whole crew were extremely busy. He no time to smile, so can't even think of small talk with him today 😂


I actually wanted to follow Carelairfare, buy some lobsters to Instagram to people. Make them jealous. But, the towkay neo (lady boss) told me that the SGD18 type all sold out liao and they only still got the SGD24.90 type. Wah lau, I haven't got a pay cheque for half a decade liao, how to afford such super atas (high class) seafood ah?.....

So bo pian (no choice), I settled for Johor Kaki lobster $13 crayfish - got shell, also got 8 legs, got meat. Same same right? The $24.90 lobster here also no kong (claw) what.......


The crayfish meat... well it's ok lah... fresh, neng neng (tender), quite sweet but not as kaw bak (meaty) as I expected leh... There were two crayfish (cut into 4 halves).


Luckily, the la la (clams) very tua liap (big) and soft. Very fresh, sweet and clean also. Ho leow (good stuff).


The soup got a bit of different from last time (2 days ago 😂). It's a bit more chui chui (watery) and not so sweet anymore. The prawn taste is still very kau lat (strong) but the taste of Chinese cooking wine was a bit too hiong (strong) for me. Aaron like the soup more than me - he more hiong 😀


Then, I saw bro Aaron eat his prawn eat until so shiok like that..... the obscene chuut chuut sound he makes made me feel like I haven't eaten anything the whole morning.


Wah lau, some more his bowl of big prawn mee looks dem kilat (good) leh. Ang ang (red), so swee one (pretty). The 3 prawns look really big, fat and juicy. $8 very wu hua leh (value for money).

Then, must be because he saw my pitiful face.... lao nuah (salivating) like so hungry like that... so he gave me one lor.


Don't play play hor. These big prawns, the meat are around the same size as the crayfish meat, but firmer and sweeter. The prawns actually tasted better today than the crayfish 😭

3-Star (out of 5). Consider buay pai (not bad), still eh sai (acceptable). The stall still new (open 1 month only). Now, got a lot of customers. They still adjusting the soup. The prawns really tok kong (top grade). The la la also swee (good). Lobsters always the $18 one sold out. Can try the $24 type, if you want. So far, I haven't try yet. Bo lui lah (no budget). If you want me to choose hor, I think the $8 big prawn most wu hua. Ho chiak also.

More disclaimer: Actually, Ah Seng Singlish quite poor, cannot make it one. If you like to read more tok kong (top) food reviews in Singlish, follow his idol Carelairfare lah 👈 Your stomach will regret it, I tell you first. Eat until stomach big big is one thing, laugh until stomach ache is the more jialat part 😂


Restaurant name: SUMO Big Prawn Noodle 
Address: Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk 628 #01-72 Singapore 
GPS: 1°22'52.0"N 103°50'27.8"E | 1.381116, 103.841055 
Tel: 9299 2621 
Hours: 9:00am to 9:00pm (Monday off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 5 Oct 2016, 7 Oct 2016

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