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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Pasar Kia Char Kuey Teow @ Cedar Point JB 巴沙仔炒粿条面


I was very happy to hear that Pasar Kia char kway teow stall has moved from Meldrum Walk to Cedar Point food centre. Cedar Point is so much more accessible as it is very difficult to find parking slots near Meldrum Walk.


Pasar Kia fried kway teow is here at Cedar Point for just three weeks and already lots of regulars have found their way here, thanks to social media.


Mr Tay's grandfather founded the stall in 1969 at Pasar Kia 巴沙仔 on the banks of Sungai Segget. Mr Tay took over the stall from his father and was still using charcoal to fry kway teow at the time.


Mr Tay's son is now at the wok taking Pasar Kia char kway teow to the fourth generation.


Our piping hot char kway teow. All servings are standard at RM6.


Teochew style fried kway teow ingredients are quite basic - just rice ribbon noodles, bean sprouts, chives and blood cockles fried in blended savoury sauce, garlic and lard. 

Pasar Kia's kway teow noodles have a slight caramelisation outside. The heap of rice noodles was slightly moist. The sauce's savoury flavour was quite robust with a slight spicy undertone (as I requested for a bit of chili). I like the taste and aroma of Pasar Kia char kway teow.

The plump taugeh (bean sprouts) added a nice crunch and juicy sweetness to the savoury dish.


The siham (blood cockles) were smallish (like the nail on my little finger) but Pasar Kia stall was generous with it - I had more than 10 in my plate of char kway teow.


Recommended for you 👍 Four generations and 48 years, Pasar Kia char kuey teow 巴沙仔炒粿条面 is still well loved in Johor Bahru. The humble dish still has the flavours and aromas of shared experience and collective memories of generations of Johoreans. Conveniently at Cedar Point, it is much easier now to get the old taste of JB char kway teow.

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Restaurant name: Pasar Kia Char Kuey Teow 巴沙仔炒粿条面


Address: Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, Taman Century, Johor Bahru (when you step into Cedar Point from the car park, Pasar Kia Char Kuey Teow is on you right at the far end inside)
GPS: 1.481492,103.762167 | 1°28'53.4"N 103°45'43.8"E 
Hours: Daily 5:30pm to 10:30pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 26 Dec 2017

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  1. Please info on what other food stalls at Cedar Point. Tq

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I have included a link to the stalls in Cedar Point which I have tried and like.

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