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Honest Review MeatHouse Home of Tomahawk Steak @ Century Square Tampines 🐮 Singapore's Top Halal Certified Steakhouse


MeatHouse is a popular Halal certified steakhouse and burger joint, famous for their competitively priced signature tomahawk steaks.

Restaurant name: MeatHouse by 18Chefs

Address: Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, #05-04, Singapore 529509

Tel: +65 6260 1752

Hours: 11:45 - 10:00pm


MeatHouse is a casual diner specialising in steaks and burgers (though they also have lamb, poultry and fish) located on level 5 of Century Square, conveniently at Tampines MRT station.

The simply furnished eatery is bright and comfortable. There are booth seats and benches which are great for small gatherings of 5 or 6.


Five of us, we set our sights on MeatHouse's tomahawk steak. The moment we arrived, we booked ourselves a 1.2kg tomahawk (100% corn fed USDA choice grade).


Baked in a charcoal fired Josper grill, the tomahawk came sliced and topped with a large dollop of butter. There were three sauces in small cups - black pepper, garlic and mushroom. We like all the sauces which were full of flavour - my favourite was the black pepper sauce.

I didn't use the sauces though, as I always like to taste my beef without any distractions.


We had our tomahawk done medium rare. It came with a slight char outside while inside it was beautifully rosy pink.

The lean slices were beefy moist and slightly chewy to the bite. The slight char outside added a bit of smokey flavour to the beefiness.


I especially enjoyed the fatty slices as the fat added loads of juicy sweetness to every beefy bite. With the fat and lean meat together, the slice felt more tender and flavourful.


Yeah..., we shaved the last sliver of meat from the bone 😄 It was lean and so slightly chewy but it yielded a different kind of more gamey beefy flavour, so it was worth the effort.

And that's the thing, every cut from the tomahawk steak is slightly different in taste and bite.


Of course, the best way to enjoy the rib is to chew the meat off the bone like Fred Flintstone would.


The tomahawk steak came with a big bowl of salad. It came with a sweet dressing sauce which made the fresh leafy greens delicious. We wished there was more of that funky green colour  sauce in the bowl.


These sweet savoury honey drumlets also came with the tomahawk steak.


Truffle fries dressed with parmesan cheese shavings come with the tomahawk steak too.


Nathan a burger lover still prefers his double cheese burger. I did try a small piece from the patty and it was good - tender, juicy, beefy with sweet savoury taste from caramelised onion.


MeatHouse is a nice Halal certified place to enjoy good steaks with family and friends at a competitive price in a no frills but comfortable, family friendly setting.

The service staff here are enthusiastic, friendly and responsive to requests.

Darned.... we forgot to order their famous Heart Attack Fried Rice 😅 Shall be back 😄

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Finding MeatHouse is easy. Once you get into Century Square beside Tampines MRT station, head up to level 5. You can't miss it.


Date visited: 5 Jan 2021

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