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Pura Brasa. Singapore Spanish Restaurant by Josper Oven. Why Bojio?


Delightful Spanish cuisine done to the audited standards of the makers of world renown Spanish Josper Ovens in the heart of Singapore's Central Business District.

Restaurant name: Pura Brasa

Address: 5 Wallich Street, #01-16, Singapore 078883 (steps from Tanjong Pagar MRT station)

Tel: +65 6386 9678

Hours: 12:00 noon - 11:00pm


We were between back-to-back appointments (so tiring) and needed a cool space to chill for a couple of hours. So, we dropped by the restaurant at the top of buddy's mind for hanging free - Pura Brasa which is conveniently located just steps of Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Actually, it is one of buddy's regular hideouts.


As we were just parking here for a while, we didn't order a lot of food. The dishes were "curated" by makan buddy who is a regular at Pura Rasa since it opened in 2017.

I was delighted with what we had and already made plans to come back for more dishes with more makan kakis (eating buddies).


We started with a bowl of grilled mussels.


They were succulent, spongy tender and tasted briny-umami-savoury in layers. Delicious and definitely addictive. Easy to overindulge and hard to stop once you get started.


The Jam贸n Ib茅rico (Iberian ham) came to charm us away from the seductive mussels.


The thin ham slices were bursting with rich complex umami-savoury flavours which in one word is - delicious.


Pura Brasa stocks premium 5J 
Jam贸n Ib茅rico, so the best time to come here is when it is available. Call to double confirm availability like good Singaporeans 馃槃 ☎ +65 6386 9678.


Crisp crystal bread with Roma tomato spread. The Roma tomato spread has a savoury-sweet refreshing taste profile like no other tomato that I have tasted in my 60 years.

So simple, yet so irresistible.


Must get this Spanish Omelette which is rich with savoury flavours and eggy taste. Yeah, I used the word rich many times today because Spanish cuisine is really so full of flavours and depth.


Grilled Octopus Leg (tentacle) was oh.... so... delicious.


The outside is savoury, slightly smokey, and the inside was tender-spongy juicy saturated with natural umami-sweetness.

Truth be told, I have not tasted grilled octopus this tasty before (partly because I haven't tasted that many grilled octopus lah... 馃槀 ).


The secret is really no secret. Pura Brasa grill their fresh produce in a charcoal fired Josper oven which is famous for searing the outside at up to 350℃ while keeping the inside juicy with all its natural flavours intact for us to enjoy.


Josper ovens are ideal for baking chicken wings. Pura Brasa lightly season their fresh chicken wings in herbs and spices. They come out of the Josper oven crisp outside, and moist with chicky juices and natural flavours inside.

hmm... bake har cheong gai with Josper oven...? 馃 Forget I mentioned this 馃敃 cancel 馃檯


Vermicelli pasta paella with mussel baked in Pura Brasa's Josper oven.


The vermicelli was crisp with brittlely strands on the top layer and underneath, the pasta was moist and saturated with infused flavours. The pasta was loaded with ocean umami-savouriness with bit of spicy heat.

It reminded me of a spicy version of Johor Bahru's san lou bee hoon (but they are totally unrelated dishes, obviously).


Hey guys, don't say I bojio (never invite). Our trip here was unplanned lah (you can see my sian [bored] face before eating). But now, I gonna jio you guys to come here to enjoy the goody foodies at Pura Brasa.

I don't know how much this meal cost. The waiter returned my credit card - he said it is invalid in buddy's home ground 馃槀 You can easily check the menu and prices in Pura Brasa's website.


Right here waiting, for you.

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Written by Tony Boey on 7 Jan 2021

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