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Yijiazi 一甲子餐飲 Famous for Taiwanese Burger & Stewed Pork over Rice

Simple staples of stewed pork over rice, stewed pork belly in a bun and fishball soup all done the quintessentially Taiwanese way. Cannot leave Taiwan without trying these dishes and Yijiazi 一甲子餐飲 is one of the best places in Taipei to get them.

Restaurant name: Yijiazi 一甲子餐飲

Address: No. 79, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Longshan Temple station

Tel: +886 2 2311 5241

Hours: 9:00am - 7:00pm (Sun off)

Yijiazi 一甲子餐飲 is a popular corner eatery with customers served along the five-foot-way (corridor) on folding tables and flimsy light stools. But, nobody minds and in fact love the buzz and feel of the authentic street food experience. For decades, this famous humble eatery is packing in customers from the neighbourhood and from out of town (drawn here by its well deserved fame and delicious food). There's always a long queue at the busy shop.


Taiwanese Burger (Gao Bao)

Savoury Rice Pudding (Wa Gui)

Rice Dumpling (Zong Zi)

Soy Stewed Pork with Rice (Kong Rou Fan)

Braised Pork over Rice

Chicken Rice

Fish Ball Soup

Pig Blood Soup

Pig Intestine Soup

Pig Blood & Intestine Soup

When you are here, get their kong rou fan (stewed pork belly slice over rice), lou rou fan (stewed pork diced over rice), pork intestine & blood cube soup, and fishball soup which uniquely comes with you char kway (fried fritters) floating inside.

The signature kong rou fan come with a thick slice of stewed pork belly, pieces of stewed tofu, diced preserved mustard stem, a bit of chili pepper and slices of cucumber over boiled white rice.

It's a jumble of textures and flavours in a bowl with the tenderly juicy savoury sweet stewed pork belly as the centrepiece. The pork belly fat is sweet savoury and soft like jelly. All the rest contributed crunch, softness, sweetness, tanginess, subtle heat and zest to the taste symphony.  

The fishballs in the soup are tenderly springy and have a slight fresh fish sweetness. The you char kway (fried fritters) have a bit of residual crispness despite soaking in the pork soup.

The pork intestines in the clear pork soup are tender but have a slight crunch to the bite. The pork blood curd cubes in the soup are soft like custard. They taste mildly savoury.

Another must try dish at Yijiazi is their gua bao or Chinese burgers. It's a hinged puffy spongy steamed bun with savoury sweet stewed pork belly slice, crushed toasted peanuts, sourish sweet preserved vegetables and fragrant cilantro slotted inside.

Translated by Tony Boey on 24 Jan 2021

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