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Vegetarian-Vegan Rice Dumpling & All Kinds of Chang with Giant Pandan Leaf by traditionalbakes_nicoletan


Today, I received Kaolak Chang and 
Fine Multigrain Dumpling by traditionalbakes_nicoletan, thanks to buddy Brenda. Brenda knows I am a little more health conscious about what I eat nowadays but still doesn't want to compromise on tradition, flavours and enjoyment.


The first things I noticed about chang (rice dumpling) by traditionalbakes_nicoletan were they were relatively large, the leaf wrapping was bigger, thicker. Nicole uses cotton strings instead of raffia string to tie the dumplings. 

I have never been fully comfortable with boiling raffia strings with my food for hours (though this has become the norm in Singapore since decades ago). So, yeah cotton strings better 👍

Nicole uses giant Pandan leaf which are bigger, thicker and stiffer for wrapping her chang. Giant Pandan leaf is more fragrant than the common smaller variety.

But, giant Pandan leaf needs more preparation - it has thorns which must be removed and needs more boiling before use. Still, Nicole insists on using it for the sake of tradition (her grandma always used it) and chang tastes better with giant Pandan leaf.


Each rice dumpling weighs 300 grams (I checked every one 😂 No, very rarely do any Singaporean do that 🤦 ). No lah, I weighed the rice dumpling so that you know what you are getting, in case you are interested.


Fine Multigrain Dumpling is a combination of black and white glutinous rice, barley, etc seasoned with Chinese spices, filled with kaolak (chestnut), black fungus, mushroom and gluten. This chang is vegetarian and vegan friendly.


The rice dumpling was tenderly firm with a nice soft-chewy bite. There's a pleasant pandan fragrance. It has a tasty blend of mild, well balanced sweet savoury flavours in layers. 

It wasn't immediately obvious that this was a meatless dumpling until I consciously asked myself, "Where's the lard and fat?" Can't honestly say I don't miss those things but this chang does taste good even without them.


traditionalbakes_nicoletan also has the usual bak chang or pork rice dumpling. Same 300 gram size. I weighed it 😛


traditionalbakes_nicoletan calls it her Kaolak Chang. It is glutinous rice with mung beans filled with spongy-chewy flower mushroom, kaolak (chestnut), and pork belly stewed with premium quality dark soya sauce and spices.


Nicole's Kaolak Chang tasted well balanced, mildly savoury sweet with subtle peppery heat. It was neither as greasy nor fatty as typical bak chang. It was also not overly salty. 

One tasty vegan chang and one not too fatty bak chang - that's a good middle ground I can live with 😄

traditionalbakes_nicoletan has other flavours of chang (Nicole is constantly coming up with new recipes).

She has Mala Xiang Guo Chang and even this Keto Nyonya Chang 😮 I want to try!

You can message Nicole on Instagram for more info and prices.

Written by Tony Boey on 10 Jun 2021 🥡 Day 26 of Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert to curb Covid-19 spread.

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