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Hearty Florentine Burger by Monti A Casa Steals Hearts but not Wallets!


Today is my birthday, and buddy gifted me atas lunch delivered by Monti A Casa. There were pasta, cakes, and this Florentine Burger with double wagyu beef patty that blew me away. It was awesomely delicious. When I checked the price, I was surprised - it got me excited to share this with you as soon as possible 🍔

Restaurant name: Monti at 1-Pavilion Italian Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

Address: 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327 (inside The Fullerton Pavilion) 

Tel: 6535 0724 ☏ 9111 5529

Hours: 11:00am - 10:30pm


In the bag, there were Florentine burger, tagliatelle pasta, chocolate hazelnut torta, and tiramisu in jar. There was a birthday card which is a nice touch 💖

Monti's delivery charge is very reasonable - free islandwide for minimum $80 purchase, otherwise $5 flat fee anywhere in Singapore.

Go straight to Monti A Casa delivery menu 👈 click


Let's go straight for the Florentine burger which comes with side of fries and condiments (ketchup, chilli and mayonnaise).


It's a huge luxurious stack of d
ouble Wagyu beef patty with tomatoes, onion, black garlic, lettuce, parma ham, pickles, balsamic glaze, mozzarella, cheddar, and pecorino cheese between puffy buns studded with rolled oats.


The burger was dripping juices. Couldn't help but licked my greasy fingers and was given a foretaste of toasty-smokey aromatic goodness.


It was a riot carnival of rich, robust flavours. The medium done grilled juicy Wagyu beef patties were oozing beefy sweetness. The parma ham and trinity of mozzarella, cheddar, and pecorino cheese provided layers of umami-savouriness. Tomatoes, onion, lettuce, black garlic aioli sauce, and pickles added sweetness, zing and zest to balance the grease. The tangy-savoury balsamic glaze spread on the sweet buns held the burger together.

It's a flavour bomb that bursts flavours in the mouth and blows minds 💣

When I checked the menu, I was a little surprised that it costs $25 as I was expecting it to cost over $30. I have to say that this is the best premium burger that I have tasted in Singapore so far for under $30 👍


Tagliatelle pasta with stracciatella cheese, Roma tomato and basil (price $15).


The pasta lost a bit of bite in transit but it was still soft al dente with a bit of soft spring and subtle squeaky bite. The pasta was fully enveloped by the tangy savoury sauce enriched with creamy sourish-savoury stracciatella cheese.

Rounded up our sumptuous lunch with a sweet Chocolate Hazelnut Torta with chocolate sauce (price $10.00).


Rich buttery chocolate cake with bits of embedded crushed nuts and topped with toasted hazelnuts.


Yeah... this may look like a sponsored review but I assure you it is not. I am just excited by Monti A Casa's Florentine Burger 🍔 No restaurant or food stall ever paid fees to be featured in this blog.

Written by Tony Boey on 2 Jun 2021 🥡 Day 18 of Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert to curb Covid-19 spread.


  1. Happy Birthday. Enjoy reading your food blog although I missed your big bad ass camera 😂

    1. Thank you! why would you miss the big camera?

  2. 25 dollars for that burger ? You have piqued my interest.


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