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Country Fish @ Ban Heong Seng near Danga Bay in Johor Bahru

Ban-Heong-Seng-Danga Bay-Johor-Bahru

Ban-Heong-Seng-Danga Bay-Johor-Bahru

There are “Four Heavenly King” dishes on Ban Heong Seng restaurant’s menu. They are their beggar chicken/duck, oyster rice, country fish, and melon soup.

Ban-Heong-Seng-Danga Bay-Johor-Bahru
Country fish at RM20
At first glance, the country fish looked like any ordinary fried whole mackerel fish.

Ban-Heong-Seng-Danga Bay-Johor-Bahru

Once you pick up a piece of fish, you will realise that it is actually made of pieces of fish cake.

Ban-Heong-Seng-Danga Bay-Johor-Bahru

This country fish is made by scraping out the meat from a fresh mackerel fish, mashing the flesh into a paste, mixing it with additional ingredients, spices, and then carefully stuffing the paste back into the skin of the fish. The “remade” fish is then deep fried to produce this boneless country fish dish.

This fragrant fish cake is crispy outside and the flesh is firm and tastes salty and sweet - much like any other good fish cake, though a little overly salty and stiff for my taste buds.

However, Ban Heong Seng’s unique style of this country fish gives their fish cake added interest compared to the usual form of fish cakes we normally get elsewhere.

Nice and fun to eat!

->> The only place in Johor to get "beggar's dishes" fit for emperors.

Restaurant name: Ban Heong Seng Restaurant (call 016-757-1887 or 07-237-5194 to book 1 day in advance as the dishes need to be prepared hours ahead of serving)
Address: 34-B, Jalan Skudai, Batu 3¼, off Jalan Tahar, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.483683,103.721548
Hours: Call 016-757-1887 or 07-237-5194 to pre-arrange lunch or dinner

Non Halal

Date visited: 9 Mar 2012

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